The BEST of Dairy Free Ice Cream

The BEST of Dairy Free Ice Cream

Today is a very special day in my life…

It’s one of my best friends birthday. This girl is my soul sister and I was thinking of some things I could do to make her feel really special today. But it’s tough because we live on opposite coasts.Then I remembered , A while back she found out she had a severe dairy allergy and asked me for some dairy free ice cream recipes. I gave her a few ideas but they weren’t great. Today for her birthday I’ve put together the BEST list of dairy free ice cream recipes ANYWHERE. And to make the gift even sweeter…When I see you next time Kellay I will make you two of the recipes from this list! Happy Birthday friend! You are dearly loved! 

I hope the rest of you enjoy these recipes as well! 

To Make Dairy Free Ice Cream you typically need…

I have this attachment to my kitchenaide and I LOVE IT. Or this stand alone ice cream maker looks awesome too. 

Some of them don’t require an ice cream maker but use a blender like this one .

Most of them also use coconut milk which you can buy here or you can make your own using this recipe. 

The Traditional’s  

Chocolate Lover’s 

Tuity Fruity