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DIY Non-Toxic Lip Gloss

Oct 27, 2019
When I was younger people would ask me what I wanted for my birthday and I always had a go to answer…Lip Gloss. I LOVED that stuff, well if I’m going to be be completely honest with you all…I still do. I love collecting the different shades and keeping a couple bottles in my purse….

The BEST of Dairy Free Ice Cream

Aug 28, 2019
Today is a very special day in my life… It’s one of my best friends birthday. This girl is my soul sister and I was thinking of some things I could do to make her feel really special today. But it’s tough because we live on opposite coasts.Then I remembered , A while back she…

Homemade Face Lotion

May 17, 2019
Since switching to a more natural lifestyle one of the hardest areas to make the “all-natural” switch has been – beauty products.  At first it was really difficult for me to even believe that beauty products could really be “that bad” but after a lot of reading I began to realize that whether I liked…