LeanBean Review: Female Fat Burner That Brings Results

LeanBean Review: Female Fat Burner That Brings Results

Are you struggling with weight? Feeling uncomfortable in your skin?

It’s no brainer; weight loss is a challenging process. And with new diets, dietary supplements and workouts promising to be the best, it can hard to puzzle out the best weight loss plans from the fads.

The new dietary supplement to catch some hype is the Leanbean fat burner, which claims to help women lose fat more than exercise and diet alone.

Leanbean claims that fat is not the enemy; SUGAR is the real barrier to weight loss. It disrupts your hormones.

According to Leanbean’s official website, out-of-whack leptin and insulin levels can hinder a drop in pant size even if you are watching your diet and training consistently.

Leanbean promises to

  • Optimize glucose metabolism
  • Help you maintain a 35 inches waist
  • Manage fatigue
  • Control cravings

But is Leanbean actually effective for weight loss? Is it safe for women? This Leanbean review will tell what you need to know before buying Leanbean.

What Is LeanBean?

Leanbean is a fat burner for women; it was formulated to support the female’s body during the weight loss process.

It mainly targets three areas: cravings, metabolism and fatigue. Leanbean simply supports your body to burn fat, keep your hunger at bay and give you energy for your workouts.

Plus it stands out from the crowd; it is LOW ON STIMULANTS. It contains a small amount of caffeine from natural sources and loads up with Vitamin B6 and B12 for your energy needs.

Research shows that about 90 per cent of women deal with cravings more times in a month than men do. Leanbean knows this too well.

It uses a clinically proven dose of Glucomannan to keep your hunger pangs at bay.

There are many Leanbean reviews online, and women seem to be happy with the benefits experienced. But is this just fancy marketing?

Our ingredients analysis below will undoubtedly shed some light.

About the Brand

Leanbean is manufactured by Ultimate Life Limited, a company based in Leeds, United Kingdom.

The company prides itself in designing dietary supplements that support the needs of women.

Leanbean was made initially for female athletes but has since become available for all women looking to burn fat.

It has also manufactured Powher, a pre-workout for women.

Ultimate Life Limited believes that their products are perfectly made to suit women and contain carefully selected natural ingredients with clinical backings.

The manufacturer says both their products are designed in FDA registered facilities and meet strict GMP manufacturing criteria.

How Does It Work?

leanbean supplement

Generally, women have more body fat than men and this in itself makes weight loss a real struggle.

If that were not enough, they are more susceptible to cravings and hunger pangs, the biggest culprit to weight gain.

 Besides, they constantly deal with fatigue due to slower metabolism. The body utilizes fewer calories for energy, hence, storing all the rest as fat.

This means it is difficult for a woman to deal with her appetite because her body is biologically situated so.

Therefore, Leanbean formula is designed to help women to overcome their appetite and kickstart metabolism for faster fat burning and more energy levels.

It targets the female body in three ways:

Lowers cravings

Leanbean contains 3g of glucomannan-a proved appetite suppressant.

It absorbs water and swells in the stomach, making you feel full for longer. This prevents snacking between meals and lowers your calorie intake.

Stimulates metabolism

Leanbean accelerates your metabolism allowing the body to burn stored fat faster and utilize calories into energy.

Boost energy levels

It contains ingredients that improve focus and increase energy, thus, reducing fatigue and tiredness throughout the weight loss process.

Also, it has a small amount of caffeine for your alertness and endurance during workouts.

LeanBean Benefits

Research shows that women are more likely to suffer from weight-related diseases than men. Female hormones work towards storing calories as fat.

Worse still, they store fat differently, around the hips, belly, buttocks and thighs- specific areas where it is difficult to lose.

Leanbean puts these things into mind- it helps women burn more fat, especially stubborn fat, and lower their cravings.

We sought to see what benefits users experienced.

Most of them experienced a considerable boost in mood and energy, fewer cravings, clothes fit better and overall weight loss.

Here are Leanbean benefits:

  • Weight loss
  • No jitters
  • Increased satiety –no cravings
  • Increased energy and motivation
  • Enhanced mood
  • Less fatigue

Ingredients List

leanbean pills

As we have seen above, Leanbean works by accelerating your metabolism, suppressing your appetite and optimizing body balance.

How does it make this possible?

Leanbean contains very high-quality natural ingredients that are supported by science. Let’s look at each.


Glucomannan is a dietary fibre extracted from the Konjac root.

It is popular in weight loss, and experts say that it can shed body fat and promote overall well being.

Glucomannan absorbs water in your stomach, taking up most space, therefore promoting satiety and reducing your food intake.

What’s more?

It is a natural prebiotic; it feeds the friendly bacteria in the intestine. Research shows that the bacteria turn it into short-chain fatty acids like butyrate which has been seen to improve insulin sensitivity


Choline is a water-soluble compound that plays a significant in regulating cholesterol and fat buildup in the body.

Also, it has been to boost fat metabolism, which also increases satiety, thus, reducing your daily calorie intake.

A study involving female Taekwondo and Judo Athletes showed that choline supplementation resulted in rapid body mass reduction without side effects.

Chromium Picolinate

Chromium improves the body’s response to insulin; it lowers blood sugar and improves insulin sensitivity.

Also, several studies show that Chromium controls appetite and cravings. Therefore, helping you to reduce food intake easily during the weight loss process

Vitamin B6 and B12

Leanbean uses a significant amount of Vitamin B Complex.

Vitamin B6 and B12 play a significant role in metabolism resulting in increased energy levels.

They support muscles during workouts, increase red blood cell production and release neurotransmitters for motivation and focus.

Besides, these vitamins lower fatigue and support faster post-workout recovery.

Potassium Chloride

Potassium chloride is a healthy salt substitute.

Remember too much SODIUM results in WATER RETENTION, jeopardizing your weight loss efforts.

Potassium chloride will lower blood pressure, keep you hydrated and prevent loss of muscle mass during workouts.

This electrolyte is vital for women adhering to a strict training programme.


Admit it; you think zinc only benefits men during workouts. WRONG!

Zinc is a trace mineral that keeps your blood sugar stable. You already know how important insulin is to your body.

It plays a significant role in insulin production and regulation. This controls your appetite and cravings and utilizes fat for energy.

A 2019 study shows that zinc supplementation improves insulin resistance and body weight management in individuals with obesity.

Green coffee

Green coffee is a great natural stimulant and antioxidant.

It comes from coffee beans that have not been roasted. They are believed to have a high amount of chlorogenic acids which significantly reduces when roasted.

Chlorogenic acid boosts metabolism accelerating fat burning, acts as a natural appetite suppressant and improves blood circulation in the body.

Besides, it removes bad cholesterol and fat from the liver, further boosting your body’s ability to burn fat.


Turmeric has rich anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.

It contains curcumin which has been seen to inhibit fat tissue growth, regulate blood sugar levels, boost metabolism and reduce high blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

A study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology shows that curcumin prevents adipose tissue growth, insulin resistance and weight regain.

Piperine seems to enhance curcumin absorption by almost 2000 per cent. The good news- Leanbean contains both turmeric and piperine, so you can be sure you are getting a good dose of curcumin.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia Cambogia contains a high amount of hydroxycitric acid (HCA)- that has been shown to have weight loss benefits.

Hydroxycitric acid inhibits appetite and increases satiety. It is believed to boost serotonin levels in the blood -a neurotransmitter that reduces appetite.

It also blocks fat production; one study particularly shows that it may prevent the accumulation of belly fat.

Acai Berry

Acai berry is an antioxidant that reduces cholesterol, supports the immune system, and increases energy.


Piperine improves the bioavailability of other Leanbean’s ingredients.

Also, it increases fat burning by boosting your body’s metabolic rate.

LeanBean Real Users Reviews

leanbean fat burner

Most users report that Leanbean is an effective fat burner.

Though they all agree that it is not a magic pill- it should be combined with a clean diet and consistent workouts.

Here is what some had to say.

Honestly, I love Leanbean. My overall mood has increased, as well as my energy. It does not make me feel anxious or lightheaded like other diet pills do. I’ve lost 4 pounds this month, and it’s encouraged me to continue working out with that natural energy you can really see my muscles! Look at the change in just one month. I recommend it.


I have tried fat burners before, and sometimes I had headaches and symptoms like strange heart pumping and weakness in my body. With Leanbean, I never had any side-effect even me who has a really sensitive body I never felt anything honestly. I was bloating easily like once or twice a week, and with Leanbean I had only 1 or two bloats in 2 MONTH!! I was beyond impressed. Leanbean just helped me inside and out when I just wanted to lose fat suddenly I am a good sleeper, energized in the gym, my digestion is good also.


Where To Buy and How Much It Cost?

Leanbean is only available on the official website: www.leanbeanofficial.com.

How much does Leanbean cost?

  • 1 month’s supply (1 bottle + free home workout guide) : $59.00
  • 2 month’s supply ( 2 bottles + free home workout guide ): $118.00 + Free UK and USA shipping
  • Bikini Body Bundle-4 month’s supply (3 bottles + 1 free bottle +free eating and workout guide): $185.00 +free worldwide shipping

Leanbean comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

Usage and Dosage

You should take 2 pills 3 times a day for maximum results.

The pills should be taken 30 minutes before your breakfast, lunch and dinner with at least 8  ounces of water (1 to 2 glasses).

It is recommended to consult your physician if you are on medications or suffering from any medical condition.

Do not overdose.

Who Should Use LeanBean?

Leanbean bottle

Leanbean should be used by all women who are struggling with weight, especially those who deal with emotional eating and fatigue.

It is suitable for women who are sensitive to stimulants and are looking for a low-stimulant fat burner and vegan friendly.

It is simply formulated to support women to burn stubborn fat and control their cravings.

Besides, it is for female athletes who want to keep their metabolism high, burn fat efficiently, and maintain a lean body.

Who should not use Leanbean?

Minors should not use Leanbean.

Women who have a medical condition or taking certain medications should consult with the doctor.

Though the manufacturer does not mention about pregnant women and breastfeeding women, it is advisable to consult first.

Are There Side Effects?

No worry! Leanbean is safe for women.

It contains natural ingredients that are termed safe to use. It is also low in stimulants which mean you will not experience jitters and anxiety.

But, individuals react differently to various dietary supplements. Even though all the ingredients are natural, you need to watch out for allergic reactions.

The good news- there are no reported Leanbean side effects.

Pros and Cons


  • Well dosed formula
  • Premium ingredients
  • Low in stimulants vegan friendly
  • Many positive reviews
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • No side effects


  • A bit pricey
  • A high daily dosage-6 pills
  • Only available online
  • Money-back guarantee only applies for a 3-month package

LeanBean Review: Final Verdict

leanbean diet pill

Leanbean is formulated with potent natural ingredients to support the female body.

It suppresses your cravings, accelerates metabolic rate and gives you the energy to handle intense workouts without using strong stimulants

And even better, it has received many positive reviews online with individuals reporting quick and real results with no side effects.

Transform your body with Leanbean today.