Hourglass Fit Review: Fight Emotional Craving and Burn Fat Faster

Hourglass Fit Review: Fight Emotional Craving and Burn Fat Faster

Experts agree that the most reliable approach to losing fat is maintaining a healthy diet and a regular exercising routine so you can burn more calories than you consume.

Yet women know that following a strict, healthy diet is one of the toughest techniques for weight loss, especially because they are prone to hormonal fluctuations throughout the month.

It goes to show just how big the need for a proper supplement to support our shape-up goals is.

Manufacturers know this, and they are now flooding the market with products that promise results in so many convincing words. But do they work?

In this review, we take an in-depth look at Hourglass Fit, an organic fat burner that has supposedly been developed with women’s needs in mind.

Is it safe for women?  How does Hourglass Fit work?

Let’s find out.

What Is Hourglass Fit?

Hourglass Fit is a fat burner dietary supplement. However, unlike most products in the same group, it is specifically formulated to suit the needs of women.

As you already know, women have various hormonal fluctuations that men don’t have to deal with. As such, they require special attention when it comes to supplements.

Hourglass Fit has risen to the occasion by assuring female users safe standards.

This supplement is the only female-focused product from the UK-based manufacturer – Roar Ambition.

It features all-natural and herbal ingredients that have been proven to play key roles in metabolism, hunger suppression, immunity, and physical activity.

About the Brand

Roar Ambition is a renowned company with headquarters in Liverpool, UK, but has branches in the US as well.

They specialize in making 100 percent natural supplements for various wellness purposes, including boosting energy, getting leaner, bulking up, and increasing mental focus.

Hourglass Fit, however, is the only fat burner that they have developed exclusively for women.

Other popular brands from Roar Ambition include:

  • Instant Knockout
  • Testo Fuel
  • Prime Male
  • Hunter
  • 4 Gauge

How Does It Work?

Hourglass Fit works in a triple-action mechanism. It helps burn fat, gives you more energy, and curbs hunger.

1. Promotes fat burning

The Hourglass Fit formulation features several high-quality ingredients that research has linked to increased levels of metabolism.

A higher rate of metabolism means that your body will be able to burn off the extra calories much faster and more efficiently.

2. Increases your Energy Levels

When on a mission to lose weight, it’s never enough to only cut on your calorie intake. It would help if you also burned more than you consume.

This means you have to exercise as much as you can to create the paramount calorie deficit that will establish a weight loss pattern.

Some of Hourglass Fit ingredients increase your energy levels to compensate for the energy deficit established when you take lesser calories.

It also empowers you to do more during exercise and keep going for longer.

3. Curbs Hunger

Increased metabolism and energy are great for losing calories, but you still need to manage your rate of calorie intake, which is the final thing Hourglass Fit does for you.

It has ingredients that have been proven to help suppress hunger. This is especially useful for individuals who feel hungry too soon and snack between meals or those prone to emotional eating.

Hourglass Fit Benefits

Here are multiple benefits of using Hourglass Fit

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Accelerates fat burning
  • Boosts energy levels
  • Gives your immune system a boost
  • Replaces some of the nutrients you might lack as a result of dieting
  • Potentially improves fat burning even when you are at rest
  • Elevates your mood

Ingredients List

It doesn’t matter what the manufacture of any weight loss supplement promises with words if they haven’t used the most relevant ingredients in the right proportions.

Here are the ingredients used in Hourglass Fit:


Extracted from the roots of the konjac plant, it is a dietary fibre that helps fight food cravings.

Each tablet of Hourglass Fit contains 1500mg of Glucomannan to make you feel full and satisfied for longer after eating.

Cayenne pepper

Hourglass Fit contains Capsimax,  rich in capsaicinoids that have thermogenic properties.

Thermogenics increases your internal body heat, which helps the burn to burn calories and melt away stored fat.

5-HTP Amino Acid

This amino acid is made in your body naturally.

It is used to produce serotonin, a brain chemical that signals your nerve cells to regulate mood, sleep, and appetite.

Low levels of serotonin in the body are linked to anxiety, depression, insomnia, and weight gain, among other health issues.

5-HTP, therefore, can lift your mood, minimize emotional eating, and aid in weight loss.


Another key component of Hourglass Fit is Zinc.

The manufacturer says they couldn’t leave it out because of its ability to boost your immune system.

It is not such a bad idea to give your immunity a boost, especially when changing your diet.


Hourglass  Fit has Chromium as one of the ingredients for its ability to interact with insulin receptors, improving glucose absorption in your body.

It has also been shown to play a key role in appetite suppression, thus promoting weight loss.


This is a Bio-available version of Piperine, a black pepper extract that gives the plant its signature pungency.

It enhances carbohydrate as well as fat metabolism in skeletal muscles during exercise. It also has some influence on the metabolism of resting muscles, allowing you to burn fat even in your sleep.

Besides, Bioperine increases the bioavailability of all other ingredients in Hourglass Fit, giving full effectiveness of this product.


Vitamin deficiency is a common problem in women. It may manifest in the form of hair loss or degraded skin.

With Vitamins B2, B6, and B12 in Hourglass Fit, you can expect improved skin, better hair texture, lesser appetite, and weight loss.

Hourglass Fit Real Users Reviews

Hourglass Fit has been proven to work; many users have left positive reviews on the official website. Here’s is what some users had to say.

I’d tried other fat burners that were full of green coffee beans and other highly caffeinated substances. I found my sleep was interrupted, and my stomach was upset. I was literally shaking after taking them. So, Hourglass Fit was a revelation! They were so gentle I thought they couldn’t work. But my bathroom scales prove they do!

I began taking Hourglass Fit alongside my regular gym routine. Within two weeks, I was noticing a difference in how toned I was looking. It definitely jumpstarted my metabolism, as I didn’t massively change my lifestyle, yet saw the results I was looking for – I’ve lost 15lbs already!


I’ve taken other fat burners before Hourglass Fit, and they’ve just made me bloated straight away. Not great when I want to reduce my waist size. Since I’ve started to take Hourglass, I’ve noticed I’m not bloated, or uncomfortable-I feel really good! As someone who’s tried quite a few fat burners, this one is definitely my favourite. I don’t feel heavy and bloated, I’ve got loads of energy, I’ve stopped snacking, and I’ve dropped a dress size already!  I can’t recommend it enough if you also bloat easily.


Where To Buy and How Much It Cost?

Hourglass Fit is available on the official website: www.hourglassfit.com

Although this may sound like an inconvenience, it ensures a secure channel for ordering and delivery, while doing away with third parties that may attract all sorts of scammers.

If you are not satisfied, Hourglass Fit comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

How much does it cost?

  • 1 month supply (120 capsules): $55.00
  • 2 months supply: $110.00 +Free US and UK delivery
  • 4 months supply (3 months and 1 free bottle): $165.00 + Free  global shipping

Usage and Dosage

Each bottle has 120 capsules.

You are advised to take one capsule three times daily with a glass of water, preferably in the morning, at lunchtime, and with your evening meal.

Taking the dosage throughout the day means you are burning fat for a longer period and allowing maximum absorption.

The manufacturer recommends that you take the pills consistently for atleast 3 months to see noticeable results.

Since it is also an appetite suppressant, you might want to take Hourglass Fit at least 60-30 minutes before eating for the best outcome.

Also, it would be best if you considered that it keeps you energetic and alert, which may affect your sleep. If you suspect you’ll have trouble sleeping, be sure not to take Hourglass Fit too close to bedtime.

Who Should Use Hourglass Fit

Any woman looking for a safe, organic supplement to help with their weight goals can benefit from Hourglass Fit’s formula.

The manufacturer advises those who are below 18, pregnant, or breastfeeding not to take this supplement.

If in doubt, be sure to talk to a medical professional first, the label on Hourglass Fit asks that you speak to a doctor before incorporating the supplement in your weight-loss regimen.

Are There Side Effects?

For a supplement packed with so many ingredients, it is surprising that Hourglass Fit has no reported side effects.

This is owed to the all-natural constituents, as well as the lack of stimulants such as caffeine.

If you have allergies, you might want to go through the ingredients list to check whether any of them might cause problems.

The label has instructions to discontinue use and immediately seek medical advice if you experience any adverse reactions.

Pros and Cons


  • Uses all-natural ingredients.
  • Developed exclusively to fulfil the needs of women.
  • No additional stimulants.
  • Low risk of side effects.
  • 90-day satisfaction guarantee.
  • Free shipping.
  • The manufacturer uses honest advertising that sets realistic expectations.


  • Can only be purchased from the official website.
  • Not entirely vegan-friendly because it contains gelatin.
  • A higher price on the market.

Hourglass Fit Review: Final Verdict

When exercise and dieting simply don’t cut it, you know it’s time to consider a supplement. What’s better than something safe, natural, and designed with you in mind?

Hourglass Fit features researched ingredients and takes care of most of the loopholes that similar supplements often leave out.

It even goes a step further to add a little something to your immune  while promoting fat burning at rest, which is so cool!

Take full control of your cravings with just a click of a button.