Flawless DIY Liquid Foundation

Flawless DIY Liquid Foundation

I’m kind of a makeup junkie. My favorite safe beauty brand is hands down Beautycounter. This might come as a surprise to you all because I’m a “natural mama” but I like nothing more than to walk through a beauty store and swatch eye shadow colors up to my elbows. There is just something about the pretty colors and perfectly cute containers of makeup that makes me happy. Since discovering that most of these products are highly toxic I have tried to use safer products. I’ve tested all kinds of “natural” products and I’m always disappointed with the results.

Beautycounter is the only brand I’ve tried that performs like some of my favorite Nordstrom brands without the nasty chemicals. If don’t want to DIY your makeup join my Beautycounter FB group. I’m always happy to color match with you. Most of the BEST natural options are mineral powders but I have dry, textured skin true to my Type of Beauty. If your curious about the Beauty Profiling System that change my life click read more here or take the free course here. ANYWAY mineral powder ends up giving me cake face….NOT GOOD. I’ve had lots of questions from readers about makeup and many of you admit to being unhappy with mineral makeup because of the cakey look it gives.

Making makeup isn’t as easy as you’d think…

So into the kitchen I went to make my own foundation with ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa powder, oil and shea butter. It was a total FAIL.You know you don’t look good when you husband screams at the site of your face. I looked like an orange clown.

Mineral Makeup to the RESCUE…

But after doing a little more research I found out that ALL liquid foundations contain toxic preservatives to keep them from growing bacteria and mold. Mineral makeup is one of the ONLY kinds of makeup with out these preservatives and pure, high quality minerals  have an indefinite shelf life. They are minerals from the earth, after all.  Using mineral makeup I created the most BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS and natural looking foundation. My husband gave the makeup his personal stamp of approval…he even said it look better than the super pricey foundation I’ve currently been using. I agreed with him!

How to make your own liquid foundation

  1. Make a batch of my homemade face lotion or purchase high quality non-toxic face lotion here. 
  2. Designate a small plate to be your foundation mixing plate and keep it in your bathroom
  3. On the plate mix a dime size amount of lotion with a dime size amount high quality mineral makeup –buy it here.
  4. Once well combined apply with a foundation brush or your clean fingertips. Allow several minutes to set before applying blush
  5. You must mix your foundation daily because it does not contain toxic preservatives – after a couple days the lotion mixed with the minerals  will grow mold and bacteria. YUCK

Tips: Because you mix this foundation yourself you are given a lot of freedom in terms of coverage. If you want very light coverage use less mineral makeup and if you want more coverage use more mineral makeup. In the picture below I landed somewhere in the middle. I didn’t need concealer because it perfectly covered any redness. The only other makeup I’m wearing in the “after” picture is a little blush, mascara and lip gloss. No photoshop or computer touch ups!

Not all mineral makeup is the same…

One last thing! When buying you mineral makeup you need to be very careful! Many well known brands use fillers in their makeup to make more of a profit. Make sure you are purchasing the REAL deal because I can’t vouch for the results otherwise.