6 Best Male Enhancement Pills You Should Try in 2021

6 Best Male Enhancement Pills You Should Try in 2021

The small size of your masculinity could be alarming, especially in bed. You must be thinking about safe and risk-free techniques to increase the size of your penis, right? 

Well, all your doubts and worries end here as we bring you the best male enhancement pills in the current market.

Male enhancement pills are dietary supplement therapy to enlarge the size of the male sex organ in the most natural way possible. This is because a properly outgrown penis enhances libido, which eventually leads to an amazing erection.

Additionally, you can consume these pills to enjoy wonderful orgasms that cater to a marvelous sex life with your partner.

Thus, without wasting time, scroll down and go through the best male enhancement pills in the market.

From this list, you can choose the most suitable one or welcome a newer to promote a sexually stronger version of yourself.

Best male enhancement pills

1. Male Extra

male extra

Male Extra features as a sturdy and powerful male enhancement supplement for confident and courageous men. Operated and manufactured by Ssshh Limited based in the UK, this supplement is a 100% natural formulation.

The product aids in enhancing the length and width of the penis while enabling you to get an erection to boost the sexual performance in bed.

With a record of 12 million capsule sales and 320k satisfied customers, Male Extra rules over the male enhancement product market. This is because the supplement is clinically tested and cGMP manufactured for its global marketing.

Next, it is safe and free from harmful and synthetic chemicals. This eventually improves blood flow towards the penis, thereby enhancing the sexual stamina and endurance capacity.

Male Extra includes ingredients such as pomegranate extracts, L-Arginine, cordyceps, zinc, niacin, MSM, L-Methionine, etc. A nourishing amalgamate of these ingredients accelerates libido and furnishes excellent orgasms.

Consume 3 capsules a day and continue for 4-6 months for better results.

What I like about this product?

  • Clinically tested and cGMP manufactured product.
  • Composed of natural ingredients and, therefore, this pill is a chemical-free formulation.
  • Naturally increases the testosterone levels in the blood for physical and sexual benefits.
  • Helps in overall masculinity enhancement and boosts sexual performance.
  • A remarkable product for experiencing awesome orgasms.
  • A fast forward therapy for hiking libido.
  • Suitable for long-lasting erections.
  • Also suitable for senior citizens and can be used irrespective of age (18+).
  • 100-days money-back guarantee for unsatisfied customers.
  • Amazing discount offers when you purchase this product from the official website.
  • Discreet shipping and billing facility for maintaining confidentiality.
  • 256-bit SSL security and encryption on all payments.
  • Excellent and 24×7 customer care service.
  • All payment methods are accepted.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You don’t get a flaccid size increment, instead only a size change when an erection occurs.
  • Only sold through the official Male Extra website to prevent knock-offs and fakes.

2. Max Performer

max performer

Max Performer is the incredible brainchild of Silver Blade Nutrition Limited, UK, and this dietary supplement gives you a thicker, harder, and powerful erections.

The product is extremely beneficial for men with low sexual stamina or declining sexual urges.

These pills will help you regain the strength and endurance capacity in bed. Moreover, it also supercharges libido and provides heart-throbbing orgasms.

Max Performer is a safe and risk-free product as it only constitutes natural ingredients. It includes substances such as goats weed, maca, red Korean ginseng, cordyceps, Bioperine, selenium, and zinc.

Additionally, the product is medically tested and manufactured in a cGMP facility. Thus, make Max Performer an active part of your daily routine and enhance your sexual energy.

In this way, you will get to achieve superior sexual satisfaction and will engender moods for mammoth sex sessions.

Consume 2 tablets every day and continue it for three months. Soon you will find yourself giving a great sexual performance in bed.

What I like about this product?

  • Composed of natural ingredients devoid of chemical substances.
  • Helps you live a stress-free life with intense orgasms and erection.
  • Boosts libido and increases ejaculation timing in bed.
  • A powerful formula to magnify the size of your sex organ.
  • Also enhances blood flow towards the penis and boosts testosterone levels.
  • Hike self-esteem, stamina, and endurance.
  • Safe and legal product for consumption without any side-effects.
  • Free worldwide shipping on all orders.
  • 100 days of money-back guarantee.
  • Payment through multiple online gateways.
  • Also available on Amazon.

What I don’t like about this product? 

  • The price tag is not the best one when you compare it with competitors.

3. VigRX Plus

vigrx plus

The masterstroke idea of Leading Edge Marketing Limited, Cyprus, VigRX Plus is a male enhancement pill to boost sexual satisfaction in bed.

A natural and an ayurvedic formulation, this dietary supplement therapy rejuvenates sexual stamina.

More to this, the product is crafted to hike the size of the male sex organ and direct increased blood flow for oxygenating penis tissue.

You can use this supplement for incredible orgasms, supercharged libido, increasing confidence, and enhanced sexual performance. It also engenders stress relief and increases ejaculation timing.

VigRX comprises natural ingredients such as damiana, Epimedium leaf extract, Asian red ginseng, Hawthorne berry, Catuaba bark extract, Bioperine, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, etc.

Thus, add the natural goodness of this product to your regular routine and experience its results within 3 months of consumption. Consume 2 capsules daily for speedy results.

What I like about this product?

  • A nourishing blend of natural-based ingredients.
  • Devoid of synthetic chemicals and thus, safe and risk-free to consume.
  • Ability to penetrate without early ejaculation.
  • Increases overall sex-drive and libido.
  • Gives intense orgasms and a complete package for total sexual satisfaction.
  • Supported by genuine customer testimonials.
  • Recommended by expert doctors and healthcare experts.
  • 67-days of money-back guarantee, if in case you’re not satisfied with the product.
  • Free global shipping and international delivery.
  • All payment gateways are accepted through its official website.
  • Also available on Amazon and other e-commerce websites.

What I don’t like about the product?

  • The brand is so popular that anything you buy outside the official website or authorized seller might be a fake or knock-off.

4. Member XXL

member xxl

Member XXL is a proactive and potential-oriented male enhancement product for men who desire more in bed.

Manufactured by Key Player Ltd., based in UAE, this supplement is an outstanding formula for enhancing the size of your penis by up to a whooping 9cms.

Additionally, the product is clinically studied and comes from a cGMP facility and, therefore, safe and risk-free to consume.

A non-invasive method of boosting sexual stamina and endurance, you can consume this product for better and intense orgasms.

Next, the supplement comprises natural ingredients such as Chinese Magnolia fruit extract, black pepper extract, saffron extract, and ginseng root extract. The dynamic sturdiness of these ingredients is backed by scientific researches.

Furthermore, regular consumption of this dietary supplement assists in boosting confidence, oxygenation of the penis cells, and relieving early ejaculation stress.

Consume 2 pills of Member XXL daily, one before breakfast, and one before lunch to experience its mind-blowing results.

What I like about this product?

  • A non-invasive and outstanding penis enlargement formula.
  • Composed of natural substances and supported by authentic and profound scientific studies.
  • Boosts sexual stamina, performance energy, and endurance capacity.
  • Delivers wonderful erections to charm your partner.
  • A great libido amplifier.
  • Free of harmful chemicals and risk causing agents.
  • It can be availed without a doctors’ prescription.
  • Discreet shipments and worldwide delivery of the product.
  • All online payment gateways are accepted.
  • 90 days money-back guarantee.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You can procure this product only through the official website of Member XXL and not on other e-commerce platforms (except in Amazon fro some regions).

5. Viasil


Viasil male enhancement supplement is featured as the ambitious brainchild of Ssshh Limited, UK. This dietary supplement is an amazing performance enhancer and sexually satisfies both you and your partner in bed.

The product has immense and mind-blowing benefits. It boosts sexual performance, increases sex-drive, helps you get the stronger erections, and makes you achieve incredible libido.

It also enhances the length and width of the penis, making it stronger and harder to engender remarkable sexual energy.

The credit for all benefits mentioned above goes to the natural and organic formulation it uses.

It is composed of natural base ingredients and is tested in scientifically studied. Moreover, the production happens in cGMP approved facility, which means this product caters a world-class product with therapeutic grade quality.

Therefore, you can consume Viasil safely without worries of any threat of health risks and chemicals induced side-effects.

The supplement comprises ingredients like goat weed, zinc, citrus, Sinensis, nitric oxide, Ginkgo Biloba, Panax ginseng extracts, and pomegranate extracts.

Consume 1 tablet daily to experience a sexually stronger and newer version of yourself. Continue this habit for 3 months for speedy and better results.

What I like about this product?

  • Its natural and chemical-free formulation increases the size and dimensions of your penis when erect.
  • Manufactured in a cGMP approved facility, therefore the quality is top-notch.
  • Enhances ejaculation longevity.
  • Boosts sexual stamina by directing blood flow towards the male sex organ.
  • Incredible discounts on multiple purchases from the official website.
  • An odorless formulation, with a non-sticky and silky texture.
  • 100% money-back guarantee, in case of customer dissatisfaction.
  • Free worldwide shipping service.
  • 100% website security (with a 128-bit SSL) while placing an order.
  • All credit and debit cards accepted.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • Some of the ingredients are known to interact with other medications, thus losing the efficacy in the process.

6. Eron Plus

eron plus

Eron Plus is a male enhancement supplement that increases the size and dimension of your penis alongside other performance benefits.

Engineered by Key Player Limited UAE, this supplement therapy boosts your testosterone levels in order to give you mind-blowing erections in bed.

In fact, this product enhances sexual drive in 30 minutes and makes you enjoy incredible sex with your partner. It also gives you an intense libido and diminishes the occurrence of sexually embarrassing situations.

Next, composed of natural ingredients and substances, Eron Plus is an advanced sex booster formulation for confident men. It aids in stress relief and accelerates ejaculation timings.

As per scientific studies, this supplement therapy is also suitable for men suffering from hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction. Thus, add the amazing benefits of this product by placing your order today.

It constitutes natural ingredients such as L-arginine, maca root, tribulus terrestris, Korean ginseng, and fenugreek for a more natural working.

Consume 2 pills in a day, 1 before breakfast, and the other before lunch. You can also consume 2 capsules of this supplement together 30 minutes before the intercourse, and soon you will experience its fascinating benefits.

What I like about this product?

  • Natural and a safe formulation for male enhancement.
  • Hikes sexual drive in men and make them perform better in bed.
  • Increases libido, the intensity of orgasms, and ejaculation timings.
  • Gives a rock-hard, and long-lasting erections.
  • Alleviates the problems of erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.
  • Available as a free trial pack on its official website.
  • 90-days money-back guarantee.
  • Risk-free and chemical-free product without any side-effects.
  • Discreet shipping for client confidentiality.
  • You can procure this through multiple online payment gateways.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • You might take up to 4- 8capsules a day, and which is little too much when compared to other supplements dosing.
  • Not all individuals get the same benefits.


What are male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement pills refer to natural formulations that assist in the enlargement of the penis size. This dietary supplement therapy magnifies the dimensions, including the length and width of the male sex organ.

Furthermore, these pills are also advantageous for boosting sexual drive and giving intense orgasms during sex. This eventually amplifies libido and increases ejaculation timings.

Besides, the goodness of natural ingredients in these pills aids in reducing erectile dysfunction and hormonal imbalance.

Therefore, you can enjoy incredible and risk-free sex with your partner if you regularly consumption these supplements.

How do male enhancement pills work?

Male enhancements pills work through their natural and chemical-free formulations to boost erection in men.

The natural substances in these pills direct the blood flow towards the penis and help the penis tissue gets oxygenated.

Some of the ingredients have nitric oxide activity, which will relax the blood vessels and thus increasing the flow rate.

Moreover, these supplements also enhance the testosterone levels in men in order to help you experience supercharged sexual libido.

Finally, the objective of male enhancement pills is to reduce sexual stress, boost confidence, accelerate ejaculation timings, and completely satisfy your partner in bed.

In other words, they make you realize your manhood and elevate your sexual prowess.

What are the long-term benefits of using male enhancement pills?

Male enhancement pills cater to long term benefits in its consumers. Some of the pertinent advantages of their naturally fabricated capsules are as follows:

  • Penis size enlargement making it longer, stronger, and harder.
  • Improved sex-life.
  • Long-lasting erection.
  • Supercharged libido.
  • Intense orgasms.
  • Enhancement of testosterone levels.
  • Oxygenation penis tissue for faster rejuvenation of the cells.
  • Amplification of ejaculation timings.
  • Reduces hormonal imbalance and erectile dysfunction.
  • Relieves stress, boosts courage, and confidence to perform incredibly in bed.
  • Overall sexual satisfaction for both you and your partner.

I’m a senior citizen. Can I use male enhancement supplements?

Yes, multiple scientific studies suggest that these pills can be safely used by all age categories, whether it be a young adult or a senior citizen.

The support is premised on the actual research carried out on a specific sample size of senior citizens.

The natural and chemical-free formulation of these capsules catalyzes the impact of these supplements on senior citizens.

However, we suggest you consult an expert physician if you are already on medications or have a past medical record. Or else, if you are already suffering from a medical ailment, consult your doctor before trying these pills.

Will male enhancement supplements help in testosterone boosting?

Yes, male enhancement pills optimize testosterone levels. And all credit goes to the biosynthesis promoting natural ingredients used in these supplements. 

Additionally, the natural composition of these supplements directs blood towards the male sex organ and enhances its testosterone generating power. This eventually caters to incredible and satisfactory enjoyment in bed.

Some of the ingredients have SHBG inhibiting property, which is a protein that decreases the level of free t-hormone in blood. 

Typically, most of the sexual performance benefits of these pills come from the t-boosting capability offered by various ingredients.

Fortifying the testicle metabolism is how the testosterone biosynthesis is achieved, and increased blood flow would amplify the effect.

Will male enhancement pills help to treat sexual problems?

The answer is both Yes & No. The prime reason behind this is that male enhancement pills feature as non-invasive dietary supplements to improve sexual metabolism and scale up your sex drive.

Your body misbehaves when the proper nutrients fail to reach the action centers in the body. When the dietary supplements are used regularly, this problem is sorted.

However, if your sexual problem is severe and a male enhancement supplement cannot cure it, you must consult a seasoned physician.

Therefore, talk to your doctor or a sexologist at the earliest and try to find an optimal solution for your sexual issues.

Is it legal to consume male enhancement pills?

Yes, it is absolutely legal to consume male enhancement pills. This is because these supplements are fabricated with natural and organic ingredients that cannot harm your health.

In fact, their risk-free and chemical-free formulation makes it safe to consume and enjoy its benefits. Also, the majority of the products in these capsules are herbal.

It comprises substances such as zinc, goat weed, citrus, ginkgo biloba, panax ginseng extract, pomegranate extracts, and nitric oxide precursors. Therefore, you can consume these products safely and legally without any side-effects.

All these products come under the nutraceuticals because of the organic & raw nature of the ingredients used. None of the components are in its refined or pure chemical form; therefore, it is safe for the body.

In addition to the above, you don’t even need a doctor’s prescription to procure these supplements.

Are there any side effects for male enhancement pills?

No, male enhancements pills are completely devoid of any side-effects. This is because most of the ingredients in their clinical formulation are natural and herbal. In fact, these capsules are free from harmful and synthetic chemicals.

These dietary supplements constitute natural substances such as damiana, Asian red ginseng, harthrowne berry, epimedium leaf extract, Catuaba bark extract, ginkgo biloba, saw palmetto, Bioperine, etc.

All the pills are studied in a lab, in an animal model, and finally in human volunteers before sending out for sales.

Even in sales, the research team of each company would keep a close watch to rule out any undesirable effects of the pill.

Therefore, you can consume these supplements without worry and improve your sexual fitness. For this reason, they feature as over-the-counter-supplements and can be procured without a doctors’ prescription.

Are these products scientifically studied?

Yes, male enhancement supplements are scientifically researched and clinically formulated products. All these products are manufactured in cGMP facilities and intensively studied in labs.

There is an elegant team of researchers associated with each of the manufacturers, who conducts hundreds of studies on each of the ingredients before making it into a pill.

Also, the team would instill changes in their formulation, depending on the findings published in independent studies as well.

Not just that, after every batch, most of the manufactures would revise the formulation for the next iteration, 

Moreover, they are composed of natural, organic, and herbal ingredients, you can consume these products both safely and legally. Their chemical-free base makes them suitable for all men. 

Do I need to consult a doctor before using one?

No, it is not necessary to consult a doctor for using male enhancement pills. This is because these pills are composed of natural and organic ingredients without any synthetic and chemical compounds.

Therefore, you can consume them safely without any risk. However, in case you have had any past medical history or any serious allergies do consult a doctor and take his point of view.

Besides, a physician’s consultation is a must in the case of senior citizens for their own health and safety.

Otherwise, you can consume these supplements and enjoy their over-the-counter availability feature. In fact, you can easily avail them without a doctor’s prescription.