5 Best Female Libido Enhancers You Should Try In 2021

5 Best Female Libido Enhancers You Should Try In 2021

Is diminished libido the cause of your new anxiety? Are you undergoing emotional menopause which counteracts with your sex life? If yes, it is time to sideline your worries and switch to these best female libido enhancers.

A libido enhancer adds a pinch of spice and excitement while you make love in bed. It aims to regulate and boost the power of your sex hormones and delivers spectacular orgasms.

A non-invasive, painless, and dietary supplement therapy, it fosters the acceleration of your sexual prowess. Its nutraceutical combination of organic and non-chemical elements makes you naturally accomplish your passionate goals.

This natural and organic nature of these supplements makes it side-effects-free and safe for regular consumption without the need for a doctor’s consultation.

Further, libido-enhancing supplements also curtail the impact of HSDD (Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder).

In fact, its regular consumption addresses other underlying health-related issues and personal loss of interest in sex.

Here are the best female libido enhancers for your benefit.

Best female libido enhancers – say good-bye to low sex drive

1. Femin Plus


Femin Plus is a uniquely fabricated female libido enhancing supplement to fuel your sex drive. Exclusively designed for confident and unrelenting women, these pills make your fairylike sexual fantasies come true.

Manufactured by Key Player Limited UAE, it is an advanced formula to blossom your repressed sexual desires.

An amalgam of natural and herbal ingredients, it reduces vaginal sensitivity and prepares your body for phenomenal sex. Moreover, it also improves genital lubrication and gives you intense sexual arousal.

Other noteworthy benefits of this supplement include the amplification of blood circulation, reduction of physical and physiological stress, enhancement of mood and energy levels, etc.

It combines the goodness of organic compounds such as damiana leaf extract, L-arginine HCI, fenugreek seed extract, ginseng root extract, cocoa seed extract, maca, vitamin B6, vitamin E, and Bioperine.

A nutritive blend of the elements above propels your real-time sexual intimacy. It makes your desire more and adds an optimal edge to your relationship.

Consume 2 capsules per day, preferably 30 minutes before your meals for the best results.

What I like about this product?

  • Femin Plus is a 100% natural formulation of nutraceutical and herbal ingredients.
  • The supplement is free from side-effects as it does not contain any synthetic chemicals.
  • Its fabrication delivers mind-blowing sexual punches to your life and arouses you deeply from within.
  • It is an effective product to reduce mood swings during your menstruation cycle.
  • The product is an optimal hormonal stabilizer and reduces fatigue.
  • It aids in the replacement of nutritional deficiencies and activates your new and advanced version.
  • Genuine customer reviews support the authenticity of this supplement.
  • A 90 days refund facility is available on this product.
  • The company offers a discrete packaging service to its customers, where they pack the product in a sealed box to maintain customer confidentiality.
  • You can pay via multiple payment channels while placing an order for these capsules.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • According to real-life users, it might take a while for this product to do magic in your system but definitely works for sure.
  • Femin Plus cannot be purchased from a mortar & brick store or popular e-commerce platforms.

2. Provestra


Provestra is a comprehensive female enhancer for women who love enjoying sex to the fullest. The supplement arouses the inhibited pleasure to get intimate with your partner.

The brainchild of Leading Edge Marketing Ltd, the product delivers fabulous sexual sensations. It increases genital lubrication and sexual libido to drive you crazy in bed.

A blend of premium nutraceutical herbs and aphrodisiacs, it maintains a standard balance between all your important hormones.

Accelerating the overall health of the female reproductive system, the supplement ushers to monitor your hormonal transformations.

In addition, this dietary supplement therapy benefits women during menstruation, menopause, and post-pregnancy period. Besides, it fuels extra energy to the body and reduces irritation, hot flashes, and mood swings.

Provestra contains side-effects-free natural elements such as ginseng, red raspberry, black cohosh root, damiana leaf, ginger root, theobromine, licorice root, folic acid, and vitamin A, C, E, and B complex.

Consume one tablet for at least one or two months for the best results. Combine your consumption with a nutritious diet for speedy results.

What I like about this product?

  • The product is free from additive fillers and synthetic chemicals.
  • It is extremely safe and risk-free to consume.
  • The dietary supplement therapy is a physician-endorsed supplement for women losing their sexual intensity.
  • It increases vaginal lubrication and gives pleasurable orgasms.
  • The product is a nutraceutical formulation of essential libido-enhancing, mood-improving, and stress-relieving ingredients.
  • The company offers a 67 days money-back guarantee on this item.
  • Each product is discretely packed before its free shipping.
  • One of the most responsive customer service department for handing queries.
  • You can place your order and pay through numerous payment gateways on its official website.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • The supplement is available only on the company’s web pages, and other e-commerce platforms do not sell it.
  • The result is highly dependent on the individual physiology; therefore, some users don’t get the complete result.

3. HerSolution


HerSolution is a proactive libido accelerating dietary therapy for women who agree on nothing less. A safe and doctor-recommended product, it prevents genital dryness and notably increases your sexual appetite.

The brainstorming idea of Leading Edge Marketing Ltd, the supplement, is a proven solution for phenomenal sexual sensations.

With premium quality, it can drive your wild sexual fantasies, and this product is specially designed to restore your lost orgasms.

Next, fabricated with 100% natural and nutraceutical ingredients, the capsules are devoid of synthetic fillers. It also assists in preventing imbalanced hormonal changes and curtails unwanted stress.

It constitutes healthy and organic compounds such as niacin, hops, ginkgo biloba, cayenne, mucuna pruriens, and epimedium sagittatum.

All these elements contribute to developing optimal energy levels and support women during their post-pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause phases.

In short, a powerhouse of nutrition and sexual endurance; combine these pills with a healthy lifestyle and an organic diet to extract the best out of this pill.

What I like about this product?

  • The supplement is an excellent orgasm enhancer and sexual energy booster.
  • Its nutrient-brimming formulation makes you experience wonderful and enjoyable contractions and sex drive.
  • The product aids in maintaining a robust balance of hormones and stimulates an optimal mood enhancement.
  • It increases blood flow and heightens clitoral sensitivity.
  • Regular consumption of these dietary capsules also reduces frustration and helps you concretize an optimistic view of life.
  • The company offers a 100% money-back guarantee within 67 days in case of customer dissatisfaction.
  • You get 24×7 customer care support for your queries and feedback.
  • You can process your payment through 100% secure and encrypted online gateways.
  • A free shipping and discrete packaging facility are available on this item.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • The products can be procured only via the official website of the company. This is because other e-commerce portals aren’t franchised to sell this supplement.
  • The libido boost is temporary, and you lose it within a few hours.

4. Femmax


Femmax is an outstanding libido optimizing supplement for desirous women. It delivers mind-blowing clitoral sensations with true orgasmic intensity.

Manufactured by Dhamhil Corp., based in Panama, the supplement is known to improve your orgasm sturdiness within 30 minutes.

It hyper boots your passions and fantasies with a top-notch nutraceutical approach. Moreover, this dietary therapy unfurls your sexual potential and extend the duration of your sexual climax.

Blending the nutritional goodness of natural and herbal ingredients, this product is a safe, chemical-free, and an effective formulation to enhance your sexual libido.

It prevents hormonal transformations leading to libido deficiency and makes you overcome your unsatisfactory sex life. Also, the product has incredible sexual momentum building and maintenance properties.

In short, the product unlocks your sexual performance and lets you think beyond your sexual frustrations. Also, club your consumption with a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet plan for amazing results.

What I like about this product?

  • The product guarantees to boost your orgasmic performance in 20 minutes.
  • It is free from side-effects as it contains only nutraceutical and organic ingredients.
  • Physicians approve the utility of their libido enhancing capsules.
  • It is specially designed for women of all age groups.
  • It is a metabolic health supplement to curb sexual deficiencies and provides a long-lasting sexual momentum.
  • The supplement tunes well with the natural body chemistry.
  • It is an original product and on par with therapeutic grade drugs available in the market.
  • The company ships the product at your doorstep in plain packaging.
  • The website accepts all payment methods and maintains 100% privacy and customer confidentiality.

What I don’t like about this product?

  • FemmeX has to be bought from the official website to prevent knock-offs.
  • The customer care support for this product has to improve.

5. Vigorelle


Vigorelle is aromatic sexual arousal and a libido accelerating supplement. Having a smooth consistency and a soft texture, this cream-based natural formula is specially designed for your genitals.

The ambitious manufacturing of Leading Edge Marketing Ltd, based in Cyprus, this topical supplement has excellent lubrication properties. Suitable for a sensitive clitoris, Vigorelle gives perpetual orgasmic sensations.

Composed of natural ingredients, the vaginal cream is a comprehensive moisture retainer. Its regular application rejuvenates delicate tissues and optimally caters to all your sexual desires.

Besides, the product intensifies your relationship and makes you more responsive to your partner’s sexual wildness.

In fact, you can reactivate its utility benefits by adding a few drops of water before every use. The product is compatible with condoms and helps maintain a normal pH balance.

It contains herbal base ingredients such as vitamin A, C, and E complex, aloe vera gel, hyaluronic acid, wild yam, suma root, peppermint extract, L-arginine HCI, and damiana leaf extract.

The supplement is free from artificial fragrances, chemical fillers, and glycol, making it one of the safe to use sexual booster creams.

You can apply this product around the mucus membrane of your vaginal region, which is located below the clitoris. Massage it gently and let your body absorb its essential compounds.

Apply with cream before intercourse to enjoy wonderful and phenomenal orgasms in bed.

What I like about this product?

  • The genital cream is a nutraceutical combination of herbal and chemical-free ingredients.
  • It provides phenomenal orgasmic sensations to the user.
  • The cream forms an optimal tuning with condoms if used during the intercourse.
  • It helps to maintain a normal pH value of the genital region.
  • The supplement combines with water and activates its libido generating properties.
  • Expert doctors endorse this product.
  • Its regular application increases blood flow and dilates the blood vessels.
  • The company offers trial order packs (available in small quantities).
  • While placing an order, the company takes care of your privacy. Therefore, it ships your products in a discreetly packaged box to maintain your confidentiality.
  • You can place an order for this product and pay through different payment channels.
  • 67-days money-back guarantee, if in case you don’t like the product.
  • The company offers secure and encrypted payments for all its products.

What I don’t like about the product?

  • The actual metabolic signaling of libido is not modified when you use this cream; instead, it improves the vaginal lubrication to make it very comfortable.


What are the female libido enhancers?

Female libido enhancers are physician-recommended supplements to accelerate sex drive in women. Regular use of these products delivers remarkable clitoral sensations.

Their application generates moisture to naturally lubricate your vagina. This eventually arouses your latent sexual desires and adds responsiveness to your sexual prowess.

More to this, female libido enhancers peak up your orgasmic intensity, which further leads to superb intimate encounters with your partner.

Consume one or two supplement capsules every day for a minimum of 2 months and couple your consumption with a nutritious diet for progressive results.

How do female libido enhancers work?

Female libido enhancers undertake an outstanding course of action to optimally impact your sexual desires. Their nutraceutical and herbal fabrication work naturally to boost your orgasmic intensity.

Furthermore, available in both capsule and cream form, their regular use can accelerate genital metabolism and sensitivity. This subsequently retains the moisture of your vagina and lubricates it completely.

This lubrication is the key dynamic to enhance your libido and overcome your unsatisfactory sex life. They do so by maintaining the pH levels of your genitals and increasing the blood circulation towards your sex organ.

Besides, these supplements curb the post-pregnancy, menstruation, and menopause period-related hormonal imbalances. They work as amazing stress relievers and fatigue curtailers. 

What are some of the ingredients to look for in female libido enhancers?

Female libido enhancers couple the nutraceutical goodness of herbal and organic ingredients. Some of the pertinent elements to look for in these supplements are:

  • Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E.
  • Bioperine.
  • Ginseng.
  • Damiana leaf extract.
  • L-arginine HCI
  • Aloe vera

A perfect blend of the ingredients above makes female libido enhancers the best sex boosters in the market. Add these products to your daily diet & welcome a new version of yourself.

For best results, team your consumption or application with a balanced diet and a regular workout program.

How long does it take for female libido enhancers to act?

Regular consumption of female libido enhancers can deliver recognizable results within a minimum of 7 days. Some of the prominent transformations bearing these results constitute:

  • Increased vaginal lubrication.
  • Overall physical arousal.
  • A significant acceleration of sexual appetite.
  • Phenomenal sensations around the clitoral region.
  • Peaking up fantasies for wonderful and wild orgasmic punches.

However, it may even take more than 7 days for you to observe these changes above in some people.

This is mainly because female libido enhancers revitalize the nutritional deficiencies of your body. They curb your hormonal imbalances due to uncompromising work schedules, over-stress, and fatigue.

In short, these supplements make you sexually healthy from within. In fact, consume these supplements for at least 90 days for the best results.

Will female libido enhancers improve genital sensitivity?

Yes, female libido enhancers are a proven formula for improving genital sensitivity. Their regular consumption increases the phenomenal sensations around the vagina, clitoris, and the labia region.

This is because of their combination of nutraceutical and herbal based ingredients. The compounds constituting these supplements increase the flow of blood towards the genitals.

This fosters muscle relaxation and amplification of the overall genital metabolism. In addition to genital sensitivity, clitoral lubrication, complete body arousal, and maintenance of pH levels are other applications of these products.

Who should buy female libido enhancers?

Female libido enhancers are suitable for the below-mentioned individuals:

  • Women with low sexual desires and emotions.
  • Women with low genital sensitivity.
  • Those ladies whose vaginal lubrication is extremely poor.
  • Women who are having no orgasms or weak orgasmic sensations.
  • Ladies lacking sexual vigor and prowess.

The women mentioned above must make female libido enhancers a regular part of their routine. This will help them to boost their latent sexual energies and enjoy a remarkable sex drive with their partners.

Moreover, these libido enhancing supplements will also balance the overstressed lifestyle and reduce physical fatigue in women.

Team these products with a healthy diet plan and exercise schedules for speedy results.

Is it legal to use these products?

Yes. It is 100% legal to use female libido enhancers for increasing your sex drive. This is because of they are nutraceutical and natural fabrication, which keeps them free from side-effects, chemical fillers, and artificial synthetics.

Besides, many physicians endorse and recommend these supplements to their audience. Also, you can avail of these products as over-the-counter medications without a doctor’s prescription.

Therefore, it is time to enjoy amazing sex with your partner and forget about the rest. Add these supplements to your routine and improve your sexual endurance.

Adding assurance is the fact that these supplements are scientifically studied and manufactured in a cGMP facility.  

Should I consult a doctor before using female libido enhancers?

Not at all. You can use female libido enhancers without a consultation with your physician. In fact, many doctors suggest these products for better sex life.

That is why these supplements feature as over-the-counter products that you can avail without a doctor’s prescription. Also, their natural and herbal amalgamation makes them safe, legal, and chemical-free to rely upon.

However, do consult your gynecologist in case you suffered from a sexual disorder in the past or undergoing right now. This will make you doubly sure before using these supplements.

Are there any side-effects of using female libido enhancers?

No. Female libido enhancers are free from side effects, harmful chemicals, and additive fillers. However, in case you feel allergic to the supplement, do consult your gynecologist at the earliest.

In such a scenario, your physician may recommend mild pain killers or ask you to stop this consumption. You can also take a consultation in case you have had any past medical history of sexual and related disorders.

Yet, most of these supplements are risk-free and safe to rely upon. Also, do not opt for these products if you are pregnant or breast-feeding women.

This is because these supplements may fiddle with your hormones and revamp your body’s metabolism.

Are these products scientifically studied?

Yes. Each female libido enhancer undergoes a serious of lab tests before their complete fabrication.

Each company has an in-house team of experts and scientists who conduct multiple clinical studies and population studies to examine the scope of these products.

More than hundreds of experiments are conducted to refine the supplements. Also, each manufacturer conducts its individual set of studies and assessments to ensure the safety of these products.

Therefore, you can undoubtedly use these products and benefit from their unique and nutraceutical formulations.

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