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Hi I’m Julia, AKA COCO.

Some children, whom I dearly love, gave me the nickname and it’s stuck. I’m a mom, wife, messy cook and writer. 

I’ve always loved cooking and now our family is on a journey of trying to only eat REAL food. What does this mean??

  • We don’t eat food out of packages with more than a couple ingredients.
  • We eat traditional foods like butter, cod liver oil and raw milk
  • We buy local meat, dairy and produce as much as possible 
  • You’ll get to experience the joys of discovering this new way of cooking with me! 

I love writing about childbirth and parenting. Why?

  • I’m a mom of one(so far!) and I had an incredible home birth! Read my birth story here
  • The birth experience was life changing for me (in a good way) and my hope is to empower other women to have the birth they desire.
  • I write about parenting because who knew it was such a TOUGH job? 
  • I write about the way we choose to parent, not to prove we are better, but to be a safe place for people who go against current parenting norms. 

I’m not the crunchiest mom in the world. Let me explain

  • I like wearing makeup and doing my hair 
  • I’ll be working on lots of DIY beauty products because I don’t like the ingredients in the conventional stuff. 

I switch off between writing blog posts and making video blog posts!