What you NEED to know about Essential Oils During Pregnancy

My interest in essential oils coincided perfectly with my pregnancy and I immediately started reading that NOT ALL essential oils are safe for pregnant women. I also heard the message that essential oils could be VERY beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth. In short, I WAS CONFUSED. And I’m assuming I might not be the only one. With this being said, there are some oils such as olive, sunflower and grape seed oil (or any unscented oil) that is said to be beneficial when it comes to perineum massage. As they are not harsh to be used in such a private and sensitive area, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about if you already use these oils. There are some that you don’t have to be cautious about, but just like with everything, it is important to do your research into what oils are best to use when you are pregnant. I ordered a book that was recommended by a friend called Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern(buy it here) as well as doing a some research in an essential oils desk reference. I’ve put together a guide for myself and all my other pregnant mama’s who want to use essential oils during pregnancy and I hope it’s helpful for you!

The Pregnant Ladies Guide to Essential Oils

Oils to be cautious of: Basil, Birch, Calamus, Cassia, Cinnamon Bark, Hyssop, Idaho Tansy, Rosemary and Sage. While it is generally good to be cautious when it comes to the oils many pregnant women will use the oils to treat specific ailments in small doses when needed. The quality of the essential oils you are using is the MOST important piece to this equation. Buy quality essential oils here. A great example of this is the thieves oil blend which contains rosemary and cinnamon yet it can be a POWERFUL antiviral and antibacterial agent and may be beneficial to use when you are sick or are diagnosed with Group Beta Strep(more below). You can also use thieves oil during birth to kill any viruses or bacteria in the room. While pregnant; use small amounts, dilute when possible and always consult your health practitioner.

“There are no records of abnormal fetuses or aborted fetuses due to the normal use of essential oils, either by inhalation or topical application. There are no records of a few drops of essential oils taken by mouth causing any problem either.” – from Clinical Aromatherapy by Jane Buckle, Ph.D. RN.

So now that you know where to be cautious let show you how wonderful essential oils can be during pregnancy and birth. Purchase Essential Oils here.

Everyday Oils

Lavender Oil: Lavender is a wonderful gentle oil during pregnancy and can be used to treat allergies, headaches, skin rashes and pregnancy induced insomnia. You can diffuse lavender oil, rub it on topically and ingest it. My husband (while not pregnant) takes one drop under his tongue and it clears up his allergy symptoms in a flash. This oil comes in the premium kit starter kit from Young Living and is the BEST way to get started with essential oils. Learn more here.

Gentle Baby Blend: Gentle Baby is a Young Living blend specifically formulated for both pregnancy, birth and your new baby. With 10 soothing essential oils in the blend it helps reduce stretch marks while helping improve the elasticity of your skin. It also helps relieve stress and anxiety. This blend is best diluted- I like 1 part coconut oil to 1 part EO.

Symptoms guide

Morning Sickness: Di-gize is a great blend for morning sickness-simply rub on the abdomen or put one drop on the finger to the inside of the cheek. You can also use a lemon oil and add a drop to a glass of water and sip on it all day. Make sure you use glass containers because the lemon oil can react with plastic.

Heartburn: an annoying yet very common pregnancy symptom. For relief rub two drop of peppermint oil on your chest or for more severe cases put two drops in a capsule and take it internally. Di Gize blend rubbed directly on the abdomen can also help alleviate heartburn

Insomnia: Getting a good nights rest can be tough when your pregnant and I’ve experienced mild insomnia this pregnancy. My friend has suggested I get a Leesa mattress to help with my insomnia even more so I’ll have to take a look at them. Nothing worse than being dead tired and not being able to sleep. What has helped me is diffusing Peace & Calming blend in our bedroom. You can also rub Peace & Calming or lavender on the bottoms of your feet before bed. Peace & Calming should be diluted 50/50 if rubbed on the skin.

Breech Babies: My son was breech until 38 weeks and I wish I had known about essential oils then. If your baby is breach Peppermint apply peppermint to the abdomen or several drops of myrrh. The great thing about using essential oils to try and turn a breech baby is that it is an extremely gentle and easy method compared to other methods.

Water Retention: Swelling is a very uncomfortable symptom that usually comes in the third trimester of pregnancy. Use a drop of Cypress and Tangerine oil in water every morning to help with swelling.

Group Beta Strep: Thieves is an amazing ant microbial, antibacterial and antiviral miracle blend but it is best to used cautiously during pregnancy. If you test positive for Group Beta Strep it can be extremely effective at killing the bacteria. Simply rub 3 drops on the bottom of your feet morning and night. During my last pregnancy I tested positive for Group Beta Strep. In a hospital setting this usually means you start on an antibiotic IV during your labor to make sure you don’t pass GBS to your infant. Because I had incredible midwives they offered me alternatives to kill the bacteria before birth but the natural remedies were uncomfortable and messy ( but they worked!). This pregnancy I am more prepared and take a daily probiotic (I love this one) but will also be ready with Thieves oil if I need it.

Easing Contraction Pain: A few drop of Vetiver and Valerian Oil rubbed on the back. Both of these essential oils mixed with 1 Tablespoon of carrier oil may help relieve the pain of contractions when rubbed on the lower back.

Speeding up Labor: Fennel Oil and Clary Sage are best used once labor has already started. They can help labor keep moving when taken internally or they can be rubbed on the lower belly and back. Dilute Fennel and Clary Sage 50/50 with a carrier oil.

Ready to Jump In?

If you are just getting started with essential oils I always recommend the premium starter kit. It was my first Essential oils purchase and has the best value. You get 12 oils (many of them are in the guide above), a diffuser ($93 retail value) and a essential oils handbook all for $150. Learn more here.

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Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern

Essential Oils Desk Guide

**Always consult a health professional before using essential oils during pregnancy

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