Three Foods You Should Never Eat – Episode 3

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Three foods to avoid: breakfast cereal, vegetable oil, and artificial food dye. Check out episode three where I’ll share why to avoid these, as well as some great alternatives. Don’t forget to comment below with the foods you avoid.


  1. Katelyn

    I didn’t realize food dyes were so bad, I’m so glad to know!

  2. Tia

    So happy that you posted this. I’m very strict in my home when it comes to artificial dyes and sweeteners, sugary cereals, margerine, wheat, GMO’s….and so on. People need to know what the government is passing as food sources that we should NEVER eat. Food has changed so much since we were kids and we have right to know what is going into our food and all the little dirty secrets the food industry doesn’t want you to know. I am one concerned parent and a dedicated paleo!!! YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT…..LITERALLY!!

  3. Sandy

    I would say Fast Foods, artificial sweeteners, even some yogurts like Chobani which I use to love but found it to have GMO in it. There are other things but it is midnight and I am tired. I added you to my Facebook. I am 65 however I have been doing organic since 1980 but not as rigid as today. My kids grew up on fresh milk, eggs, blue chips, etc. Now I do only goat milk and still the fresh eggs. Thanks for the info. Have a blessed day.

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