The sick families shopping list

I had a couple of other posts in the works for the past two weeks but WE GOT SICK. I’m not talking just a little cold sick either! REALLY REALLY sick.

Poor little Henri even developed a double ear infection and to top it off has two large molars coming in (think pain and fever). We’ve had some long days and even LONGER nights the past 2 weeks. Being sick is hard enough but trying to care for a very sick babe has literally taken me to the end of myself. I’ve found myself saying “Lord help me” over and over again as the days and nights drag on and on and on…


Thankfully we are all beginning to see the light! Henri’s ear infections are both almost gone and we didn’t have to use antibiotics! More on that later though.

REAL FOOD? Yep, it’s gone out the window. Which isn’t ideal. When our bodies are weak like this we probably need all the help we can get from nutrient dense foods. I did have some homemade soup in the freezer that lasted us a couple days and my angelic mother in law brought us another HUGE pot of homemade soup as well that lasted another couple of days. But besides the soup we’ve been eating pretty much whatever sounds good. My appetite is finally coming back but for a couple days I honestly couldn’t taste anything nor did I feel like eating.

Today I went to Trader Joe’s for groceries with a different mentality in mind. I need easy and fast while still being somewhat nourishing. So i’m going to get real with you guys and show you exactly what I bought.


1. Granola: Once a week a make a fresh batch of granola. David loves granola and yogurt for breakfast and I used to buy it weekly. Last year I realized that even the “healthiest” brand of granola usually contains lots of sweetener, rancid oil and on top of all that it’s EXPENSIVE. Granola is easy as pie to make normally but I’m trying to be gentle with myself so I bought this. photo (10)

2.Yogurt: David eats plain organic full fat yogurt likes it’s going out of style and while I don’t think Traders Joe’s is the best place to buy dairy I went for it today. If you are on a tight budget it is a great option at $2.99. The problem I have with TJ’s is because they were asked to give specific information about the dairies their organic milk was coming from and they refused to answer. Not the worst thing ever but definitely fishy. What is so great about this yogurt is that it doesn’t have any weird additives (it’s just milk and cultures)-simple ingredients for the win.

photo (7)

3. Beets: Okay this is the most embarrassing purchase because I have beautiful beets that I purchased at the farmer’s market a couple weeks back in the fridge as we speak. But the idea of roasting them makes me want a nap. I was really in the mood for beets and my mom told me about the ready made beets from Trader Joes, So I bought them and already ate half the pouch. Do you guys love beets the way I do?

photo (6)

4.Veggies and Chicken: If you are regular readers you already know I’m not a fan of packaged or convenience foods but when I saw these stir fry veggies I grabbed them. David loves stir fry and I usually make it from ingredients I get at the farmer’s market but that’s not going to happen. I’m just going to saute up some already cut up chicken breasts and add some veggies and a little  homemade stir fry sauce  Voila. Dinner. So along with the veggies I bought packaged chicken which I NEVER do. I buy whole chickens because it’s way more affordable, and dark meat contains beneficial minerals, it’s so much tastier and I can use the bones to make homemade broth.

photo (5) photo (8)

5. Organic Carrot Juice: The was a complete impulse buy. I’ve loved carrot juice since I was a little girl. Today I’ve been sneaking into the kitchen and taking a gulp straight from the bottle.

photo (4)

6. Pizza: I picked this pizza out because it’s the only Organic option that Trader Joe’s sells. End of story. We ate it for dinner tonight and it was delicious.

photo (3)

7. Honestly, I don’t even know how these got into my cart (ok, I do). We do our best to not eat processed sugar but we needed this bag of cookies.

photo (1)

8. Organic Frozen Green Beans. I do my best to keep fresh local veggies in our house but the idea of buying them today seemed to daunting. I don’t know if I’ll feel up to cooking this week and I’d hate to waste good produce. So I opted for some frozen veggies that I can steam and add pastured butter too.

photo (2)

Well! That about wraps it up. I bought a few other things like organic raspberries, avocados, salsa. a watermelon and cheese. In addition, we have a freezer stocked with grass-fed beef and  also have our weekly raw milk and pastured egg pick up. So we are pretty set. I hope to be back with my planned post next week! Happy June!


  1. Jasmine

    This is a great post Coco. You done good. I just read about The Best way to roast beets, which, yes, I love too. You cut off the leaves (and save of course) just below where they join the beet. Put whole unpeeled beets into a casserole dish, run water over them to clean them somewhat, leave a puddle of clear water in, douse with olive oil, cover tightly with foil and put in a 400 degree oven. Begin checking for doneness with a small paring knife after about 30 minutes. If they are very different sizes, you may need to remove some before the rest have cooked through. Make sure your foil stays sealed. After they are all done, cool briefly then use a towel in each hand to hold one end and rub peels off root end.
    Serve warm or room temp with a splash of vinegar, olive oil, and salt. Store in a clear glass jar in the fridge. They should keep a week this way.
    I love you! I’m sorry you’ve had a sick baby, that’s one of life’s hardest times.

  2. Rachel

    Awww poor baby! Poor you! Totally feel your pain as Julia has been cutting six teeth at once (4 of them molars) and has double ear infections for the third time to two months! Prayers coming you way, hang in there and get whatever rest you can when you can! Nights are the worst :/

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