The Baby Bump! Our Maternity Session

Last pregnancy I really wanted to take maternity pictures but I never got around to it. My mom snapped a mini-session of my belly so we have a few pictures but this time around I wanted to capture my pregnant belly in all its glory. I knew just who I wanted to capture these special moments, one of my favorite photographers EVER Jackie from Jacqueline Photography-follow her Facebook Page. She’s crazy talented AND she’s incredible with kids (a must if you have an active toddler like mine). Every time she photographs our family I’m sure it’s going to be a disaster but she makes it SO fun and easy. Saying that, there are many talented photographers out there who provide maternity shoots. If you are considering having a maternity photoshoot of your own, you could consider Olga Topchii at for your special photographs. We lucked out with a beautiful evening at our local lake and I can’t wait to get some of these photos on my wall! These pictures capture more than just my growing belly but also this amazing journey as we grow our family-so please excuse me as I get a little sappy as I share some of my favorites with you all.

Lenser_12 (1)

It’s strange but I feel more connected to this pregnancy and this baby than I did with Henri. It’s so much easier for me to understand just how much I’m going to love this little guy because I’ve already fallen in love with one before. I can’t wait to pull him onto my chest for the first time and look into his little eyes…

Lenser_41 (1)

I’ve been so thankful to David as my husband through this pregnancy. It’s been more difficult than the last pregnancy and he’s been there to here me complain, make me pregnancy tea (every day) and rub my back after a long day chasing Henri. He’s the voice of wisdom when my pregnancy hormones rage and I fall in love with him more daily.

Lenser_11 (1)David and I took a little trip away this past weekend. It was our first vacation without Henri and it was incredibly relaxing. But guess who we couldn’t stop talking about. Yep…you’ve got it. That little man in the plaid shirt. We are SMITTEN. Lenser_22 (1)I know the main point of our maternity session was to capture the bump but this is my FAVORITE picture from the bunch. I can hardly stand to look at it because he’s just so CUTE. Beyond his cuteness this little man has such a sweet soul. He’s going to make such a wonderful big brother.

Lenser_38 (1)

Lenser_25 (1)

I’m about to be the only woman in a house of 3 men! I honestly feel a little scared but I love daydreaming about our future as a family. David can’t wait to take the boys fishing in the summer. They’ll bring me along of course so that they’ll have someone to cook them a nice meal after a long day of being manly together;). We also can’t wait to get them bunk beds and listen to them whisper before the fall asleep. My prayer for them is that they will love and appreciate one another for life.
Lenser_52 (1)
Henri was born in water and the plan is to welcome this little guy the same way. I’m feeling nervous about the birth but also extremely confident in my bodies ability to bring our son into the world.

Lenser_64 (1) Lenser_66 (1)

Well there you have it! Don’t forget to check out Jacqueline Photography! She’s seriously talented!


  1. Yay for baby #2!! Excited for your growing family.

  2. Muneera

    I wish you and your family the best♥️

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