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A few months ago I heard about Stitch Fix from another blogger and I was completely intrigued. But a few months ago I was also VERY pregnant and couldn’t order a box ( they don’t do maternity…at least not yet). I was so excited to try it that before I even gave birth I scheduled my first stitch fix box so that it would arrive a couple weeks after I gave birth. I figured I would want some non-maternity clothes to wear while my regular clothes still felt too tight. 

Haven’t heard of Stitch Fix before?

It’s a pretty awesome idea. First you sign up and fill out a detailed survey all about your personal style and body type. You can include specific notes about items you want and then a stylist hand selects 5 pieces that they think will suit you. They send the items to you-complete with a styling guide(with lots pictures) on how to wear each piece. They help you put together outfits from clothes you already have which is incredibly helpful.  The fee for this service is $20 but if you keep any of the items from the fix that $20  goes toward the item(s) of clothing you purchase. If you keep your entire fix you get 25% off all of the items(a significant savings). If you decide to send things back they a include a pre paid envelope making shipping FREE both ways. Sign up for stitch fix here. You are not obligated to receive a fix monthly you simply schedule a one when you want one. stitch box

So what did I think!?!?

I LOVED it. I put a message in my profile that I had just had a baby and to please send things that would be good for nursing and the postpartum stage. I think that’s a pretty big request but GUESS WHAT?! My stylist  nailed it. Everything she sent me fit beautifully and allowed me to nurse easily.  ‘

Let me tell you about what they sent piece by piece. And I’ll include a rating just for fun:)

1. Benfield Heathered Drape Front Cardigan -10/10

The minute I pulled this little gem out of the box I might have squealed with joy. It’s one of those sweaters that goes with EVERYTHING not to mention the drapey piece doubles as a nursing cover. It’s super soft and cozy yet light weight enough that it’s great for a California climate. In the photo i’m wearing it with my favorite nursing dress and my Frye boots. KEEP KEEP KEEP


2: Ronaldo Graphic Print Lace Detail Tunic 8/10

This tunic is beautiful. It  has a lace detailed back that makes it unique without being too trendy. I love the cut of the shirt it’s just baggy enough to cover up my rumply postpartum tummy. The buttons make it nice and easy to nurse in and the fabric hides spit up stains which is a MUST. My only complaint about this shirt is that the neckline tends to make me look a little top heavy. I love everything else about this shirt that I can let that go.Keep 


3. Amalia Pull-on Skinny Jeans- 9/10

My stylist really paid attention to detail because had she sent me a regular pair of skinny jeans in my fix I may have cried(postpartum muffin top is NOT cute). Instead she sent me this PULL-ON pair of skinny jeans. That’s right, they have an elastic waist band. These pants are a new moms dream. It’s the perfect transition from maternity jeans.I’m not going to lie…they feel like I’m wearing a pair of yoga pants. I also noted on my profile that I have long legs for my size and these jeans were just right. It’s really rare for me to put on a pair of pants for them to be long enough. I was impressed. My stylist recommended I pair them with the above tunic which makes a super comfortable and cute outfit. KEEP


Stitch Fix

4. Yonnie V neck Shirred Waist Maxi Dress –10/10

I’m always on the lookout for a cute maxi dress but I rarely find one I like. So many of them are spagetti strapped or cut too low for my liking. This dress is comfortable and extremely versatile. I wore it to my sons baptism and just yesterday dressed it up and wore it to a wedding. It feels like a nightgown but is elegant and figure flattering. Keep


5. Ronda Pave Infinity & Stone Bracelet -5/10

I didn’t really love these bracelets. They are pretty but a little too “blingy” for my taste. I would have LOVED them if they were a more muted gold or even rose gold. I would have sent the bracelets back but because I chose to keep everything else I saved more money by keeping them(because of the 25% discount for keeping the entire fix). stitch3

So I obviously loved my fix. It was just what I needed to make me feel less frumpy during my postpartum days. I’m actually excited to get dressed because of the items and feel good about my body even though I have a couple pounds to lose. Some of you are probably wondering how much the fix cost me? Each item in the fix was between $30 and $75-and you can specify with your stylist how much you are willing to spend. The total cost of my fix with the discount for purchasing the entire box was $225. For a pair of pants, a sweater, a top, a dress and bracelets I felt like it was a pretty good value. 

For my next fix I think I’ll ask for a little more color since everything in this fix was black or navy. I decided to schedule another Fix for November and I am so excited to get it. I’ve asked for more cardigans because they are so easy and comfy to wear and I love how a drapey cardigan can double as a nursing cover. We’ll see what they send me! 

Interested in trying Stitch Fix?? Click here to get started! 


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