Stitch Fix Review- May 2016

You guys know by now… I can’t stop talking about Dressing Your Truth. I started out by taking Carol Tuttle’s Free Energy Profiling system to determine my Type of Beauty. Once you learn your Type of Beauty you can purchase a course that helps you dress accordingly. It’s been eye opening for me. You can read more about my experience here. 

Anyway, after taking the course I examined my closet and thought it would be fun to see if Stitch Fix could help me out on my Dressing My Truth journey. I put together a very specific pinterest board and gave my stylist specific details to help me dress my type. But before I get into the nitty gritty let me explain Stitch Fix. 


Haven’t heard of Stitch Fix???

It’s a pretty awesome idea. First you sign up and fill out a detailed survey all about your personal style and body type. You can include specific notes about items you want and then a stylist hand selects 5 pieces that they think will suit you. They send the items to you-complete with a styling guide(with lots pictures) on how to wear each piece. They help you put together outfits from clothes you already have which is incredibly helpful.  The fee for this service is $20 but if you keep any of the items from the fix that $20  goes toward the item(s) of clothing you purchase. If you keep your entire fix you get 25% off all of the items(a significant savings). If you decide to send things back they a include a pre paid envelope making shipping FREE both ways. Sign up for stitch fix here. You are not obligated to receive a fix monthly you simply schedule a one when you want one. 

Now onto the fun…

Giovanni Straight Leg Jean-Level 99

I asked my stylist to send me a colored pair of jeans. I was hoping for olive green but this yellow pair was actually surprisingly fun! I love this color yellow. Such a fun thing about Stitch forces me to try colors I would never pick up in the store. These specific jeans were made with tencel which I’ve discovered it code for buttery smooth. Every item of clothing I own with tencel is soft as can be. I’m still trying to decide on these pants only because I have a pair very similar in a slightly more green color. And I’m also trying to get used to the straight leg…my stylist usually only sends me skinny jeans. What do you guys think? Undecided

Giovanni Straight Leg Jean-Level 99

Marbella Suede Front Top-Ecru

I had asked my stylist for some items with texture and richness. So it made sense to me that she would send a suede front shirt. I was really excited to try it on even though I had to whip out the old strapless bra. Well the strapless brought wasn’t quite worth it for this one. Because this shirt was suede it was SO HOT. Not something that works here in sunny California, luckily you can find the best strapless bra for this. I loved the look of it but wasn’t into the muted color. I love this style of the top with the cute back detail but the suede was too much for me. Returning

Marbella Suede Front Top stitch fix

Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono-Pixley

My stylist Brittany recommended I put the suede shirt, yellow pants and this kimono together as an outfit. I thought it looked really cute! It kind of made me want to keep the shirt but I was so miserably hot with another layer over the top of the suede that I though twice about. This kimono seems like it will make a great layering piece over tank tops in the summer. It’s lacy and feminine but still slightly edgy. Best of all it fits perfectly into my Dressing Your Truth Type 3 course. Keep

Giovanni straigh leg jean, Marbella Suede Front Top and Ashton Crochet Lace Kimono from Stitch fix

Dion Back Strap Detail Blouse-Cooper and Ella

Wow! This shirt made me so happy from the second I put it on! I love the color combo of the yellow and teal. There is just one major problem.  I was texting some pictures of my Stitch Fix to a good friend who is also a fellow stitch fixer. I commented that the back of the shirt was kind of weird she said “I love the shirt but it looks like you’re wearing an apron from the back!” LOL. We both couldn’t decide if this was a big enough problem to send it back. Undecided

Dion Back Strap Detail Blouse-Cooper and Ella

cooper and ella dion back strap detail blouse stitch fix


Scooby Cross Back Knit Top-Loveappella

This shirt is gorgeous. I was happy to see something a little more form fitting in my fix and my stylist paid attention to my Dressing Your Truth  instructions. It’s the perfect shade for a Type 3 beauty (learn you Type here). It also has a really fun cross detail in the back. I’m undecided on this shirt because I won’t give any use out of it until fall. It seems silly to buy an item and then just set it in my closet for 4 months. Undecided

Scooby Cross back knit top by stitch fix

Stitch Fix

Loveappella Scooby cross back knit top

So that was my Stitch Fix this month!! What did you all think?? Have you tried Stitch Fix yet??




  1. Elizabeth

    Love the yellow top, lace and yellow pants! The long sleeve is great but I can see why you’d want to wait on it. And your hair looks fantastic! I love the color and length!

  2. Camille

    Well I’m totally curious about this dressing your truth thing now. I’ve heard such mixed reviews about stitch fix but do see the value in working with a stylist. I’m doing better than I ever have on my own but still feel stuck most of the time. I love those yellow pants Julia!

  3. Melissa

    The yellow pants are cute but seem more Type 1 to me. I agree that the suede top would be a no go. But the teal long sleeve is really nice on you…however I get not feeling like buying fall clothing right now. The floral shirt is a tough one for me. It’s different, which is cool, but I’ve learned that I’m personally better off not buying things I have any reservation about at all. I try to only buy things I really love.

    • Yes! You’re so right! If I have reservations about something it just sits in my closet! The yellow pants are actually an exact match on the t3 style guide but I can totally see how they look type 1!

  4. I would get SO much use out of that teal top it would definitely be a keeper for me even though it’s off-season!

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