November Giveaway: Vitamix-$375 Value!!!

I’m going to start doing monthly giveaways on the blog and the first giveaway is going to be a vitamix blender!  This handy kitchen appliance is going to help you stay healthy all year round. Whether you use it to make fresh soup  a daily breakfast smoothie, ice cream, or nut butter, it will become a staple in your kitchen!!

I’m going to be honest with you guys! I don’t own a vitamix. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to own one. Maybe my sweet husband will buy me one for Christmas (if you are reading this honey….HINT HINT;)).


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4. Leave a comment letting us know what you would make first with the Vitamix Blender!

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  1. Dorca M.

    I would make peanut butter.

  2. Sarah

    This is amazing! I’m loving all of your new posts lately. 🙂

    I think I would make either a nut butter or raw juice first. A close second would be home-made almond milk.

  3. Macey Milstead

    I’m pretty sure I’d make pesto! With fresh basil, olive oil, walnuts, garlic, sun dried tomatoes. Ahhh! I’m already excited! Lol

  4. Erika K.

    I would definitely make a morning smoothie daily! Adding a vitamix to my kitchen would be a dream.

  5. Robin

    I love smoothies, but my blender leaves too much “unblended,” so I get bigger pieces of spinach, kale, etc in my drinks. Not appetizing. A Vitamix would allow me to sneak healthy greens in my smoothies. My first experiment would include peanut butter, banana, spinach or kale and maybe a little cocoa powder. I freeze my bananas, spinach and kale, so smoothies have that cold frothy consistency. Yum.

  6. lauren

    this is so fun j! i would make smoothies for my 2 yr old picky eater with lots of hidden veggies in them;)

  7. Kirsten

    I would use the vitamix to make one of my “sneaky chef” recipes- to add in spinach etc to meals for my little toddler 🙂

    What a fun give-away! 🙂

  8. A decent smoothie. My Black & Decker is no longer able to get the job done, sadly.

  9. Rebecca

    I’m already a subscriber, loving your recent posts! I would use it to explore more sauce options, my blender now isn’t cutting it haha.

  10. Anything! Everything! Probably coconut butter – been dying to try that!!!

  11. Daniel

    I would TOTALLY make my own roasted almond butter… WAY cheaper and YUM!!!

  12. Angela L.

    That’s a hard question! I would probably make some homemade hot cocoa powder and pulverize some yummy dark chocolate in it. 🙂

  13. Sheena

    I would love to try making home made almond milk first!

  14. Rosann

    Ice Cream! Greg and I love it. It would be nice to create new recipes.

  15. Jillian

    I would love to be lucky enough to own this to make smoothies, soups, ice cream and wheat grass shots! 🙂

  16. Jessica

    baby food! almond milk! raw veggie soup! dairy-free ice cream/smoothies!

  17. Greek Frozen Yogurt! Posted originally on Popular Paleo! Hoping for a win!

  18. Dana

    I would make a smoothie with almond butter, coconut milk, maca, raw honey and coconut oil!

  19. Karl

    Nuts butters!

  20. meredith

    babyfood, smoothies galore, almond butter …. pretty much anything & everything!!!!

  21. Muffie

    Coconut butter!!!

  22. Rachel Paulus

    Pumpkin smoothie! Pumpkin, plain fro-yo, honey, cinnamon, banana…

  23. Kassia B.

    I would use it to make creamed soups and puree up foods for my baby!

  24. Almond butter! Mmmmm…

  25. M. Holmes

    I would make my own GF Flours. My mother in law does this in hers and will use it to make recipes with freshly ground ingredients. Can’t wait!!

  26. Michelle M.

    The things I would do with a Vitamix are endless!! I really want to try making chicken tortilla soup so that would be step number 1. This would be an amazing addition to my kitchen for the health and happiness of everyone in my family!

  27. Mindy

    Smoothie would be first but soooo many other things are on my list.

  28. Lisita

    I would make soup. Or a smoothie. Or both.

  29. Charlene


  30. Ragan

    I’m totally going to make nut milks and sauces and all sorts of lovely things!!

  31. maria

    a nice rich smoothie 🙂

  32. Amber

    The first dish I would make with my vitamix would be Jalapeno cashew cheese!
    I love creating raw vegan dishes and having a vitamix would allow me to create even more
    raw vegan goodies!

  33. Anne N

    Smoothies of course:)…then I would experiment.

  34. Amy

    I dream of someday owning a vitamix!! If I win, the first thing I will make is some delicious, well blended lemon chia seed pudding:) my boys and I love it, but the ninja doesn’t do it justice. Haha

  35. Kari McGuire

    I want to win this soooo bad!!! I have wanted one of these FOREVER!! I would probably make a smoothie first, but I would use it most for making homemade almond milk, because that is what I drink all the time! And I am so happy to have found all these different blogs!!

  36. Lupita

    I would make a green juice:)

  37. Hey! Wait a minute!! I hope that’s a type-o!! It says the drawing will be Tues October 15th 2013!! 🙁 But comments here don’t begin until Nov 4th? When is it really??

  38. Matt

    I would make juice.

  39. Rachel T

    I would make a smoothie!!

  40. Veronica

    I’d make a fruit roll mix for the kiddos!

  41. Lynn

    I would use it to make nut butters, almond milk, soups, smoothies and much more!!!!!

  42. Nicole C

    More like what wouldn’t I make?! I’d start off with all the recipes from Simple Green Smootheis. As someone who hasn’t even a salad or vegetable on a daily basis since my Mom spoon fed me, it’s something I’ve been working on recently. I need a Vitamix in my life!

  43. Amanda

    Smoothie for sure!

  44. Elizabeth

    I would make sorbet

  45. Justice

    I would love to make some raw organic juice

  46. Emily

    I want to make healthy smoothies with raw veggies with the vitamix!

  47. Laura

    I would make Sunflower seed butter. So yummy!

  48. Jodi

    I would make a blueberry sorbet ..

  49. Jodi

    I would make a mango sorbet

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