Mango Soft Serve

I first discovered banana soft serve at a local vegan restaurant that David and I like to go to for date night. No, no we definitely are not vegan but we enjoy the food because it’s delicious and more health conscious than most restaurants. I’ve been amazed how creamy, cold and delicious banana soft serve is since it’s only ingredient is frozen banana. One day I was sitting wondering what other frozen fruit I could throw into my food processor and yield the same amazing result. I scrolled through my lists of fruit looking for one most similar to banana. GOT IT! MANGOES!  And that’s how mango soft serve was born. I tried out a little concoction later that evening handed a bowl to david and he said “wow! You’ve got to put this on the blog.” So here it is! As you will see in the recipe I added heavy cream because it seriously takes the flavor over the top. You feel like you are eating a giant bowl of decadent ice cream. If you are dairy intolerant you can sub the cream out for coconut milk or cream for the same idea (I tested it out and it’s equally delicious).
Mango Soft Serve (yields 2-3 servings)
Add the mango to the food processor and let it go until it reaches a creamy consistency. Slowly add the heavy cream and continue to let it whip. I usually scrape the side once to push the mango back down towards the blade. And you are done! Scoop into bowls and enjoy! I like to sprinkle a little homemade granola or fresh strawberries on top.
I also tried adding lemon extract which was also delicious so play around with it. There are endless possibilities!
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mango soft serve! Just two ingredients and it tastes like ice cream


  1. Christin

    I’m instantly obsessed with this recipe. I can’t wait to try it. The new blog looks great by the way!

  2. Jasmine

    Oh! I recognize the glass this is in! Wonderful photo and such a simple healthy recipe…

  3. Can’t wait to try this recipe! We love mangoes at my house. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Sarah

    I like making this same thing, but with pineapples! YUM.

  5. Carolyn

    I do the same thing with frozen homegrown strawberries or peaches. MMgood.

  6. That does look heavenly! And to think I just got a new food processor for Xmas, sounds like a match made in heaven. 🙂

  7. Hasanah

    This surely is going to be yummy am really anscious to try it out. Thank you for sharing

  8. Sushiewushie

    Can you use fresh mangoes?

  9. Sara

    This looks so yummy! But I don’t have a food processor…would a blender work?

  10. Tammy Bigelow

    Can I make it without coconut milk? What. Could I use instead? Milk

  11. Su

    Bet it would be wonderful with shaved toasted coconut in it!

  12. Sharon

    Running downstairs to make this right now!!!

  13. Liana

    So simple! Looks delicious!! Does it have to be made just before eating or does it keep? Fridge or freezer? Thanks!

  14. Tasha

    This was the most amazing “ice cream ” I’ve had in awhile. So delicious, thanks for posting! !

  15. Oh my god, it seems amazing ! I HAVE to try this recipe next week. Thanks for sharing it with us 🙂

  16. Kristen

    Hello! Can I use almond milk?

  17. Talithia

    i have frozen cherries…going to try it riiiiiight…!

  18. Carol

    Thank you very much for sharing …

  19. pam

    I love mangos! I can’t wait to try this!!!

  20. Samantha G

    i am on a strict no sugar diet, and with summer coming I am already mourning ice cream and frozen yogurt. Thank you for this brilliant idea! I can have small amounts of fruit, and I love cream. Can’t wait to try this.

  21. William

    I true it with yogurt and it is equally delicious with adrede protein

  22. Paula Harrington

    I want to do this but with a combo of mango and pineapple.

  23. Melba Lopez-Beal

    I too love mangos. I also make it but instead of the milk I make with orange juice. Is delicious . I’m going to try it with the milk.

  24. Marin Rands Inneo

    I do this exact process after I freeze my delicious home grown mangoes but I use Fat Free Greek Yogurt instead of using milk or cream. I also use a teaspoon of pure vanilla extract and a tablespoon of stevia. It is so yummy!

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