Since switching to a more natural lifestyle one of the hardest areas to make the “all-natural” switch has been – beauty products.  At first it was really difficult for me to even believe that beauty products could really be “that bad” but after a lot of reading I began to realize that whether I liked it or not conventional skincare and beauty products are full of nasty ingredients. Now you might ask..

 I’m not ingesting these products so what’s the big deal?



Unfortunately the skin is the largest organ in the body and it only takes a matter of seconds for the products we put on our skin to enter our blood stream. You can read more about the unhealthy truth about conventional beauty products here.  What’s worse is that it is very very difficult to find beauty and skincare products that contain “safe” ingredients. Even if the label says “all natural or organic”. I’m on a mission to clean out my bathroom and first on my list is face lotion-I have very dry skin so it is something I use EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If making you own products does not appeal to you at all…I really like this brand. I discovered it while I was pregnant with my third baby and it wears like a high performing department store brand without the nasty ingredients. If you want help color matching or need help deciding what product works for you -hop on over to my FB Group and we can chat! In full disclosure I only use this lotion and no longer make my own. This mama of three needs to cut corners where she can!

Ok let’s jump in! I have pretty sensitive dry skin so when I wanted to create a face cream- I wanted simple and moisturizing ingredients that wouldn’t clog my pores. You can make this lotion a couple different ways. So I will try and give you different options depending on what kitchen appliances you own. 

What you will Need

Making homemade lotion www.cocoswell.com


  1. Add the Shea butter and Jojoba oil to a pint sized mason jar 
  2. Place a saucepan on the stove and add a cup of water to it-turn on the heat to medium high
  3. Place the mason jar in the saucepan and stir-slowly melting the Shea butter with the jojoba oil.
  4. Once the Shea butter and jojoba oil is completely melted add the aloe juice to the mason jar-(the aloe should be luke warm)
  5. With a hand held immersion blender or food processor -whip the product for at least 5 minutes
  6. Add in your essential oil and pour into a small jar
  7. Store you face lotion in a sealed glass far and use within 3 months

* This WILL NOT work if you swap out the jojoba oil for another type of oil. Jojoba is actually a wax and it is what helps emulsify the aloe water into the rest of the ingredients. Make sure you whip the product well so that the liquid completely blends into jojoba and shea butter.

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Looking for more DIY face recipes? Check out this homemade facial scrub from Kula Mama Homemade Face Lotion -www.cocoswell.com





  1. Melissa

    Is your “aloe leaf juice” the same as regular 100% aloe vera gel? I have some aloe vera gel (although it is basically a liquid, not a gel), so I wasn’t sure if what I have will work, or if I need to buy something different.

    • Hmm. From what I understand aloe vera gel and aloe vera juice are two different things-the gel is slightly thicker. I think it still might work so give it a shot!

  2. Jessica M.

    If I make this, I might put in a little VIt. E oil to help preserve it. Have you tried that?

  3. erin

    My aloe separates from the mixture in the fridge, is this common?

    • Hmm mine didn’t do this. I think you need to blend the mixture longer. You are emulsifying the liquid with the oils. Hope that helps!

  4. Hi, I tried to make the face lotion and it feels wonderful on my skin, but it is liquidy/oily and it wont whip up, and now it is separating. Do you have any idea what I did wrong, or if there is anything I can do to fix it? Thanks a bunch!! 🙂

    • Hi Christina!
      It sounds like your mixture was not whipped well enough. Several readers had this problem and I’m a little stumped. I even remade the recipe to make sure I didn’t make a measuring error. I would try re-blending it. You are emulsifying the liquid with the oils.
      Hope that helps!


  5. Hi Julia!
    I bought all the ingredients and am very excited to make your lotion today. I was wondering, does the lotion have to be refrigerated?

  6. Billynda

    Hi! I ran across this… I am actually out of my $40 ‘organic’ face lotion and it went fast! I don’t want to buy it again :/ just got finished making chapstick… so, you know, I’m in the DIY mode 🙂 I am allergic to aloe vera though… what would you suggest as a substitute? Thanks for all your recipes on here!

    • Thanks for stopping by! You can cut out the aloe vera juice-your lotion will be a little thicker and not as light. Hope that helps 🙂

  7. Billynda

    It took some tweaking, but I think I am going to be happy with my end result!!! Thank you! Now on to making foundation 😀

  8. Latha

    Is this oily on the face? I have a very oily face and it breaks out easily. Can I use it as my morning face cream? If it does not make skin pily then I will buy the ingredients and make it right away. Also is there a way to whip by hand? I dont have a blender.

    • Honestly this is probably not the best recipe for very oily skin. And it cannot be whipped without a blender:(
      If I come up with an oily skin formula I’ll let you know! 🙂

  9. Tonya

    Just made my first batch! I have a lot of ingredients left over, can I make multiple batches and store in the freezer? Do you have additional recipes that call for these ingredients? Thank you so much for sharing! I used a food processor, will update if there is any separation.

  10. SuAnn

    Do you know how this works in the sun? Would it cause you to burn more easily or protect any?

  11. Billynda

    Hello – I just wanted to let you know that the last time I made this (without the aloe because I am allergic to it) – it ended up too oily :/ more like a body butter than a face product… but today I took another stab at it and substitued the aloe juice for witch hazel – and it emulsified well and feels really great!!! Thank you again 🙂

  12. Leslie R.

    It seems that the most common issue people are having is the separation issue. I have made my own lotions and soaps for many years and this may help.

    When mixing the ingredients, it is important to have the waxes come to temp in one container and the jojoba oil brought to the same temp or within 2-3 degrees of the temp of the Shea butter before combining. You can also add the essential oils to the jojoba oil when it is almost the same temp as the waxes.

    Once both containers are at the same temp you can combine and stir well. Keeping the temps the same will allow the items to combine correctly and emulsify without separation later on.

    Another recommendation is to use a double boiler instead of having the mason jar exposed to a form of direct heat. Your waxes will maintain a proper bond if melted via steam…just like melting chocolate. 🙂

  13. Lorraine Antieau

    I’m wondering about adding carrot seed oil to this mixture to make a sort of everyday facial moisturizer/sunscreen. Would it ruin the texture? Would it be effective?

  14. Stephanie

    Hi Julia,
    i have tried making this 2 times and each time the aloe vera juice separates from the other oils. I am not a newbie to DYI cosmetics so I am not sure what is going on. So you make a larger batch when you make it? I find my food processor has trouble mixing this small amount. I tried my standing mixer but that was not a success either. I love the ingredients and used it anyway but I am sure yours is better. HELP please!

  15. Terri

    Hi Julia, I have made this moisturizer and I also am having a hard time keeping it thick/creamy. It is very liquidy. I have blended this for at least 15-20 min. 5 min wasn’t enough so I mixed it for a longer period. Not sure why it’s not coming out! Followed your recipe. I mean should I be blending the moisturizer longer then 20 min? Please help!

  16. Maggie

    I would like to use rosehip oil also. Should I subsitute it for the jojoba oil or add it to the original recipe? If I add how much would you suggest to add? Thanks

  17. Elaine

    Is it suppose to whip up when your blending it or is it stay liquid until you pour it into a container and cool it?

  18. Ashlynn

    Making this now! I’m am currently in the process of blending it together. I will update! So far it’s been 5 minutes and it’s still oily =\ perhaps It needs to cool before it will really whip?

  19. Amy

    I just made this recipe completely following the directions to a tee. The consistency is very liquidy after whipping for about 6 mins in my food processor. Will it thicken as it sits longer or is something wrong??

  20. Amy

    To add to my last comment.. I did use organic RAW shea butter…could that be a difference??

  21. Amy

    Ok, I discovered that it took mine about 10 mins to finally whip into the light airy consistency.. There is a fine mine between whipping just enough and over whipping. Over whipping causes a goopy, oily texture.. Almost like what happens to whipping cream when it’s overwhipped 🙂 I made a second batch this evening and attempted to add some witch hazel to it (1 1/2 tablespoons of aloe and 1 and 1/2 tablespoons witch hazel) and after 15 mins of whipping in a food processor, it was still liquid! I think I’m throwing in the towel. To the lady that added witch hazel, did yours whip up?? Was so excited about this and Spent so much money on ingredients.. Sad!! 🙁

  22. Ashlynn

    Hi Amy! I am so sorry for your trouble. I too used Raw organic shea butter, but I also used aloe gel and a diluted (affordable) rose essential oil. What I did, is I melted the shea and jojoba oil, then let them sit to cool. While It cooled, I heated the the aloe just to warm, also in the double broiler, until they were both about the same temperature. Then, I started whipping the two oils while I slowly drizzled the aloe and rose oil in. I used my mixer though with just one attachment and it worked really well. I blended it for about 5 minutes, let it sit and cool more, came back and did another 5 minutes, let it sit, repeated. As I came back, it kept getting thicker as it cooled (putting in fridge cooled it too fast and it separated a bit). Then finally, it got to be a cream consistency and I whipped it up into a nice fluffy type cream. Give it more time to cool and keep blending it really well. I took out only about a 1/4 of it at a time, since a little goes a long way, and keep the rest in a small mason jar in the fridge. I hope that helps!

  23. Exe W.

    my boyfriend has an allergy to aloe vera. what option is there alternative? could i use vegetable glycerin? ideas please.

  24. Fe

    Any suggestions for people with darker skin (women of color)?

  25. Carter

    Well, you inadvertently answered my question for why all my healthy make-up has jojoba oil in it. (-_-) I’m allergic to jojoba oil. Se la vie

  26. Jonna

    Hi there!
    I’d live to try this, just wondering if I can use coconut oil instead of shea butter?
    Thank you in advance!

  27. Amanda

    Can I use cocoa butter instead of shea butter? I already have some cocoa butter and would like to put it to good use 🙂

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