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I’m not sure how it happened or who brought it up, but on our way home from church a few months ago David and I had a thought:

“What if we sold our house?”

Before we could talk ourselves out of it we were sitting with a real estate agent in our living room. It was terrifying and exhilarating. We had decided to sell our house and majorly downsize. We were thinking of living in a cute apartment in the area of town David works in and where we seem to frequent most.

It all seems a little hasty, right? Well let me give you a little backstory. We had been talking about remodeling our house since we got married two and a half years ago. It had never occurred to us that we could sell our house and start over. All of the sudden we realized we didn’t need to own a home. Not only did we not need to own a home but home ownership wasn’t something we really wanted at this time in our life. Keeping up the inside of our house felt overwhelming for me with so many other things I wanted to do. Namely, invest my time raising Henri, cooking real food for my family, and this blog! The outside of the house was another story. David works very hard during the week and on the weekends we love spending time together whether it’s going to a the farmers market, attending a yoga class together, or visiting with family. Our yard just felt like another job we didn’t want to do. To some this may seem silly but the more we talked about it the more downsizing started to make sense. We wanted a simpler life. A small apartment in a walkable area. We envisioned ourselves walking to the grocery store, to coffee shops, and to the park with Henri in the evening.

I remember during the process of making the decision being completely terrified. We had the “For Sale” sign in the front yard and we kept questioning our choice. Was this the right thing? Meanwhile, we spent our weekends on the hunt for a perfectly charming apartment. We found some nice communities but none of them seemed quite right. My heart would actually start to beat faster as I tried to imagine myself living in one of them. The bottom line was we weren’t finding the apartment we had imagined. We kept telling ourselves it was just a big adventure and we could hate it and try something else. It was still so scary.

In the complete chaos of selling our house we also began to realize we had WAY TOO MUCH STUFF. How did it happen? We have been married 2 ½ years now and the amount of unneeded stuff we had accumulated was truly spectacular. As we packed we purged and oh the freedom!

photo (27)

Our house went on the market the same week we travelled to Cabo for my side of the family’s annual vacation. In the midst of all the fun in the sun my mom and dad sat us down with a proposition. Well, first they broke us the news…they were moving to Mountain View for my dad’s career for a couple years.


And then they said, “Oh and would you guys be interested in renting our house while we are gone?”.

It threw david and I for a huge loop. We had set our mind on trying the apartment thing so it took us a couple days to process this new idea. We had looked at renting before on sites like Apartment Guide when my friends had decided to rent a house that was already furnished but never really pursued the idea. Our friends were chuffed though, and I couldn’t believe the deal they got; new home, all furniture included with services, it was great. If you can’t believe it as well, for more information click here to see for yourself!

Anyway, we decided to take my parents up on their offer. It was just too good to refuse. Their house, well now our house, is in the most walkable area of town as well as being just down the road from David’s office. We can walk to the post office, the grocery store, the park, several great restaurants and coffee shops. It’s perfectly charming. It’s strange, and some might think we’ve taken a step backwards renting a house from our parents. But it really is a giant leap forward for us.

In the moving process we were able to purge SO. MUCH. STUFF. We have finally settled into the house and we still have boxes in the garage of STUFF. If we have everything we need on a daily basis with us in the house then what in the world is in the garage??? I’m not the best housekeeper in the world and I have the hardest time deciding where something should go. Now that we have minimized our life, my day to day life is so much less cluttered. My stress level has plummeted. During Henri’s naptime instead of worrying about the mess in my house I can pour myself into writing this blog. How freeing! Also, David’s office is just down the road from our house so he comes home and we eat lunch together. Such a huge blessing!
One wild idea after church on Sunday has changed so much for our family this summer. I wanted to update you all about it because I haven’t been here writing on the blog. Between packing and traveling this summer, the blog got pushed to the back burner. But I’m back!!

Have you had any crazy ideas that have totally changed your life? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!


  1. Sarah

    This is crazy! This is so similar to what my husband and I did! We have our house but it is on the out skirts of Raleigh and with us getting jobs in the clinical research field in RTP the drive and upkeep of the house is exhausting. One day we had the crazy idea to rent out our house, make some extra money that way and down size our stuff but upgrade to a nice apartment right in the middle of both of our offices. We put the house up for rent with a property management group and before we could blink, it was rented. We are still in the moving phase, but I feel the same way about collecting SO much stuff in such a short amount of time. We got married in May 2011 and how we gathered so much so fast, I’ll never know. It feels great to be so close to downtown, work, and basically everything. So glad we aren’t the only ones who took a leap on a crazy idea as a married couple. 🙂

  2. Wow, this is a great blessing for your family. I haven’t had any super crazy ideas outside of completely changing the way my family eats. We made the change a few years ago and have not looked back once. We adopt and adapt to new things every couple months or so, adjusting our budget and lifestyle accordingly. So far, so good.

    Best of luck to you on your new venture.

  3. Nicole

    Oh man, here I am having to find a house to buy. Now I’m even more nervous. We’ve been renting for about 7 years and my man feels like we are wasting money. The house we have would be perfect, if we owned it. There’s so much work that needs to be done to it, if we don’t leave it will only get worse. I do love your idea and simplifying. I just need to make sure I don’t get in over my head 🙂

    Ps, the nickname my Dad gave me when I born was coco because I was ‘as small as a cocoa bean’. So, I was instantly linked to your blog 😉

    • Oh! your Dad calling you cocoa bean is simply the cutest!
      I think we will eventually buy another house but we will be very mindful of the size of the inside AND outside. It sounds like you might be ready to take that step:) Good luck on your house hunt!

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