Healthy Snacks for Kids: 20 toddler friendly ideas

 As mama’s one of our top priorities is feeding our little ones healthy, nourishing food. And to to be perfectly honest it can be TOUGH. And we all know that packaged snacks are typically NOT healthy. There are a few store bought snacks that I give my son but they are a TREAT. Despite what the package tries to claim(yes…even organic) they usually aren’t nourishing. So if packaged foods are out what can we give our little ones to nourish them on the go??

NOT TO FEAR! I’ve gathered some of the BEST kid friendly snack recipes your little ones will LOVE!


 GELATIN- the perfect toddler snack! Packed with protein, amino acids and collagen! 

 If you aren’t familiar with grass-fed gelatin you can learn why it’s a SUPERFOOD here. Making homemade fruit snacks or jello using grass-fed gelatin is oh so simple! Here are some AMAZING recipes. (Buy grass fed gelatin here)

 Healthy Fruit Snacks from Thank Your Body*


 Berry Fruit Snack from The Paleo Mama 

Sour watermelon Fruit snacks from Meatified*

Sweet and Sour Fruit Snacks from Butter Nutrition 

Coconut Mango Gummy Treats from the Savory Lotus 

Pomegranate Fruit Snack from Cheerfully imperfect 

5 Amazing Apple Fruit Leathers from The Savory Lotus (this recipe does not call for Gelatin*




Jello Jigglers from Primally Inspired 

Jello fruit cups from The Homemade Mommy*



 Granola or Fruit&Nut Bars

 Chocolate Pecan Pie Energy Bars from The Paleo Mama 

Frozen Granola Bars from Oh Lardy!  


 Almond Pulp Bars from Good Girl Gone Green 

Homemade Lara Bars from Sweet Plantains 


 Random favorites! (These options didn’t fit into a category) 

 3 Ingredient Raspberry Frozen Yogurt from Coco’s Well* 

Babaganoush(eggplant dip) from And Here We Are


 No Bean Paleo Pumpkin Hummus from The Paleo Mama*

Chocolate Green Smoothie from Good Girl Gone Green 

Coconut Oil Popcorn from Homemade Mommy*

Coconut Sugar Applesauce from The Paleo Mama*



Well there you have it! I hope these recipes give you some amazing inspiration when feeding your child nourishing food. 

Is there a certain recipe you love to feed your little one?? Post the link in the comments below!! 

 *featured in photos

 Healthy Snacks for kids20 Toddler friendly idea 





  1. I’m always hoping my family will see all the good stuff for there children. I love it for myself. And if anyone benifits from reposting it, I’ll be happy! Thanks.

  2. zurida ramli

    Thank you so much for this creative snack. Will try to make it soon. I’ve a 5 year old granddaughter who have a sweet tooth and I know that she will enjoy this.

    Thank you again and reagrds,


  3. Great food, Good ideas. Healthy food that can be prepared for the kids and for their pack lunch too.

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