Flawless DIY Liquid Foundation

I’m kind of a makeup junkie. My favorite safe beauty brand is hands down Beautycounter. This might come as a surprise to you all because I’m a “natural mama” but I like nothing more than to walk through a beauty store and swatch eye shadow colors up to my elbows. There is just something about the pretty colors and perfectly cute containers of makeup that makes me happy. Since discovering that most of these products are highly toxic I have tried to use safer products. I’ve tested all kinds of “natural” products and I’m always disappointed with the results.  Beautycounter is the only brand I’ve tried that performs like some of my favorite Nordstrom brands without the nasty chemicals. If don’t want to DIY your makeup join my Beautycounter FB group. I’m always happy to color match with you. Most of the BEST natural options are mineral powders but I have dry, textured skin true to my Type of Beauty. If your curious about the Beauty Profiling System that change my life click read more here or take the free course here. ANYWAY mineral powder ends up giving me cake face….NOT GOOD.  I’ve had lots of questions from readers about makeup and many of you admit to being unhappy with mineral makeup because of the cakey look it gives.

DYT-Animated-Banner-728x90Making makeup isn’t as easy as you’d think…

So into the kitchen I went to make my own foundation with ingredients like cinnamon, cocoa powder, oil and shea butter. It was a total FAIL.You know you don’t look good when you husband screams at the site of your face. I looked like an orange clown.

Mineral Makeup to the RESCUE…

But after doing a little more research I found out that ALL liquid foundations contain toxic preservatives to keep them from growing bacteria and mold. Mineral makeup is one of the ONLY kinds of makeup with out these preservatives and pure, high quality minerals  have an indefinite shelf life. They are minerals from the earth, after all.  Using mineral makeup I created the most BEAUTIFUL, FLAWLESS and natural looking foundation. My husband gave the makeup his personal stamp of approval…he even said it look better than the super pricey foundation I’ve currently been using. I agreed with him!

How to make your own liquid foundation

  1. Make a batch of my homemade face lotion or purchase high quality non-toxic face lotion here. 
  2. Designate a small plate to be your foundation mixing plate and keep it in your bathroom
  3. On the plate mix a dime size amount of lotion with a dime size amount high quality mineral makeup –buy it here.
  4. Once well combined apply with a foundation brush or your clean fingertips. Allow several minutes to set before applying blush
  5. You must mix your foundation daily because it does not contain toxic preservatives – after a couple days the lotion mixed with the minerals  will grow mold and bacteria. YUCK

making liquid foundation www.cocoswell.com

Tips: Because you mix this foundation yourself you are given a lot of freedom in terms of coverage. If you want very light coverage use less mineral makeup and if you want more coverage use more mineral makeup. In the picture below I landed somewhere in the middle. I didn’t need concealer because it perfectly covered any redness. The only other makeup I’m wearing in the “after” picture is a little blush, mascara and lip gloss. No photoshop or computer touch ups!

before and after

Not all mineral makeup is the same…

One last thing! When buying you mineral makeup you need to be very careful! Many well known brands use fillers in their makeup to make more of a profit. Make sure you are purchasing the REAL deal because I can’t vouch for the results otherwise.

Homemade Liquid Foundation Just two simple ingredients create a flawless finish www.cocoswell.com


  1. Celeste

    Just a quick question. Why would these two ingredients mold or grow bacteria anymore than your homemade lotion does. I clicked the link to your lotion recipe and it says to store it up to three months in the refrigerator. Couldn’t you do the same after you add the mineral makeup to it?

    • Hey Celeste! Great question. I’m not a scientist so I can’t give you a great explanation but I will do my best! When the minerals become moist they they have the propensity to grow mold and bacteria. I talked to the company I ordered the minerals from to get the scoop before writing the post and that’s what they shared with me. I can call them again and ask them about refrigeration but they were VERY specific about mixing the foundation daily.

    • Darcy

      I just found a radish root preservative that preserves lotions ect. I’m sure it would work for this as well. I’m going to try it.

  2. Amy

    Couldn’t you use unrefined coconut oil and dry minerals together?

  3. Cortney

    Thanks for writing this! I am not huge makeup fan because if all the toxins,etc. I will have to look into this more!

  4. Trish

    I love the idea of making a liquid foundation without toxic chemicals. I would love to see before and after photos with the exact same lighting. When I see different lighting I assume the product is actually inferior and lighting must be used to enhance the results. If the DIY liquid foundation is as good as you say I encourage to reshoot the photos.

    • Thanks for your thoughts trish! My husband took the photos and it sounds like you know a lot more about lighting and photography than either of us!

      • oh love you so much trish and julia! you girls are my inspiration. you guys make me wanna be such a great mother to my seven and a half kids!

  5. Thanks for the info. This sounds perfect. I was curious, how did you choose a shade of mineral make up. Just looking at the colors on the site, I have no idea where to start to tell what would work for me.

  6. Katalin

    Thank you! I really need to try this. Can I ask which color did you get? I´m guessing “Isabella”?

  7. Deborah

    Thank you! I just made this (because it only takes about 10 seconds) and it is fantastic. I had a container of mineral powder sitting there for ages because I too couldn’t stand the look and feel of it. This is the perfect use for it and solves my foundation dilemma.

  8. Chets

    Loved your idea of making foundation at home. I am not a daily user but my skin gets lot of rash and dries after using it. Can you please tell which particular brand of high quality mineral makeup you used here, with specific link of it, if it’s affiliated one I would love to use it right away. Thanks for being inspiring

  9. Great place for non toxic makeup and products…
    Just thought I would share with you…
    Awesome article

  10. Sylvie

    I don’t think the link is right for the mineral makeup, keeps bringing me to magnesium products and no makeup. I even tried to put mineral makeup in the search engine and nothing comes up.

  11. Rochelle

    Could you make up a bunch and keep it in the refrigerator to prevent mold?

  12. Danielle

    I make my own mineral makeup (more for cost reasons) from basic ingredients. I found that for winter my skin was too dry to handle just powder, so I mixed my mineral makeup with jojoba oil to create a liquid makeup, which has had a great consistency for my dry skin. I’m guessing it’ll be too oily for summer, when the humidity returns, but in drier months the oil really helps.

  13. sarah

    SOO basically you just wasted high quality mineral makeup by making a “liquid” foundation that expires everyday? This is more of a life hack for people that prefer liquid foundation. If you wanna waste perfectly good mineral makeup be my guest, But dont blog about it like you just invented the wheel ok? /rant

    • I’m so sorry that this isn’t up your ally. But please remember I’m a person with feelings and I’m simply trying to share my experiences with my readers.

      • angela

        I came here by accident …. just create creams alone and my skin thanks you I have kept your recipes and I have mineral makeup at home …. I know that your recipe is great … make a good job <3 thanks

      • Fran

        Well I like it! If you make just enough to use every day then it isn’t a waste plus I have the same prob with the mineral powder looking a bit cakey on me as I have dry skin. Also, with my pale skin good luck trying to find a liquid foundation to match my colouring and then I only want a natural/organic one! This is brilliant for me as I have the right mineral foundation powder colour but can now make it liquid.
        Oh and Sarah I don’t believe she was making out it was her who came up with idea. She is only trying to make a suggestion for peeps like me who hadn’t even thought of it 🙂

      • Sheri

        I don’t see how anything is wasted. Mixing the powder some don’t like and aren’t using is a waste. You letting people know they can mix it with lotion is helpful, to most. Thanks for sharing.

    • jen

      She specifically stated that she loves mineral makeup, but it is too drying for her skin, and looks cakey, so she solves it by mixing with moisturizer. Getting your knickers in a twist because she’s found a way to have the best of both worlds? Ridiculous. She hasn’t hurt you by sharing this information. Many of us are in the same boat as she is, and this is the answer we were searching for. Don’t like it? Move on. Sheesh.

      JULIA, Thanks for this. I have dry skin, very sensitive, and LOVE my mineral makeup, but react the same way (all the brushing involved chaps me like crazy). Even “natural” liquid foundations irritate me. And with the Lupus “butterfly” rash, I need good coverage. This is exactly what I was looking for. Thanks for sharing your hack with us!

    • Heather

      Jeeze, Sarah. Aren’t you just a bright ray of sunshine!

      You definitely need to chill out. Take your pissy, uncalled for comments elsewhere. There was absolutely NOTHING wrong with this article. It was extremely well done.

      Are you always this rude to people who are only trying to help others out? Good grief. Get a grip.

    • Cheryl

      Good grief! I think her idea is fantastic! I don’t do mineral makeup either because it feels dry on my skin. I have purchased two different brands and they are just taking up space in my vanity. Thanks for sharing Julia…. I hate to waste anything. I’ll be mixing mine thanks to you…..❤️

      Sara……get a life.

  14. Jean

    Hello: This is a great recipe. After a huge cancer scare this year, I have converted everything over to natural. So the education has been huge. I read more labels now than mystery books!!! The result is more energy, and definitely better skin. Not to mention peace of mind. I have been trying to find a good foundation that is all natural at Sprouts etc. I am going to try to make this one. I really appreciate all of the research and communicating you do for anyone who logs onto your web site. We are all in this together!!!

    I was wondering in all of that research that you have done, do you have a good natural sun block recipe. I am a very fair skinned strawberry redhead and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I even think about the sun and I get burned.

    When I use to buy the over the counter foundations, they always had a sunblock listed on them. So really need the recipe for a natural sun block that someone really believes in. I know that some sun is actually good for you, but I truly burn too easily!

    Remember to reuse, recycle, repurpose, up-cycle, and appreciate the beauty that surrounds all of us.


  15. I only use organic mineral make up, so I’m going to try this and see if I get a better coverage that lasts longer. Thanks for the info.

  16. Jessa

    I have a powder mineral foundation that doesn’t last well on my skin, I was frustrated because it was yet another one that cost a lot of money but didn’t live up to the promises on the label. I’ve been mixing it with a moisturizer for a while to create a tint/foundation and it’s the only method of application I’ve tried with it that works and keeps me satisfied. So I enjoyed this post 🙂 it’s always good to share ways of using a product when its not working for you as it is. I look forward to reading more of your ideas! Love, light, and peace.

  17. Katy

    Do you think a mineral make-up from Bare Minerals will work?

  18. Susan O

    Hi Julia. Love this. For those with oily skin (like me) who find shea a little greasy, I mix my mineral powder with aloe gel for a lighter foundation. Keep on sharing your ideas and tips; I enjoy your blog! God bless.

  19. Kathy May

    I make my own powder makeup and LOVE the idea of mixing it with lotion! Over a year and I never thought of/read about this…well done;)

  20. Ashley

    So glad I found this! I’ve been searching for a natural makeup recipe:) I was curious if you had heard from anyone how this works with oily skin?

    • I haven’t Yet:( I would recommend trying it with a non greasy lotion. If you try it is love to know how it goes! Thanks for stopping by!! 🙂

      • Oh! Someone just commented that they mix their mineral makeup with aloe gel!

        • amber

          I make my own mineral foundation with arrowroot and cocoa powder. is it safe to use it with the homemade lotion? and could I replace the oil with sweet almond or olive oil?

          • Amber-The mineral makeup I used is quite different then mixing arrowroot and cocoa powder. I actually tried to make a foundation with arrowroot and cocoa powder and it made a gooey mess:(. If you have success please let me know!! I always learn so much from my readers <3

  21. Julie

    Before pic is way better(prettier) stick to NO makeup, your beautiful how you were made not what you make”-up” 😉

  22. Valerie

    What a GREAT idea! Thank you for sharing this! Now I can use up my powder foundation! Also, your post gave me another idea. I have a few bronzers sitting around that I do not use. I’m thinking that maybe I could mix cornstarch, bronzer and lotion to make foundation. Sounds silly, but I plan to try this.

    Again, thanks for the post!

  23. You are beautiful, Julia! The End.

  24. I know this if off topic but I’m looking into
    starting my own blog and was curious what all is needed to get setup?
    I’m assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny?
    I’m not very internet smart so I’m not 100% sure. Any tips or advice
    would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

  25. Janice Collazo

    I looked up the ingredients and Dimethicone was listed. 🙁 That isn’t very safe… I can definitely say that this powder is one of the more natural ones.

  26. Nicole

    Something I like to do in the summer months is spritz my face with a mineral/essential oil water then buff on the mineral foundation while my face is still damp. This allows for a good coverage and feels more refreshing in the hot summer days. Bonus is that you can mist the water any time during the day and it wont muss the makeup. It does not have a cakey look to it when applied this way – it merely becomes about finding your own scent/preferences. Make sure to use a large dense kabuki brush! I am a makeup artist by the way – but I am getting out of the industry, the chemicals in the makeup being one of the reasons. I like the lotion idea! I have always told clients to mix that into their other foundations to lighten the coverage =)

  27. Tina

    I too have very dry skin. I purchased two differnt types of mineral foundation and it also makes my skin even redder than before! I happened upon this blog by pure accident, ro should I say luck! I just finished making mine and I added a little sunscreen to mine: I am very happy with the results! Thank you!

  28. Tracy

    I’ve tried mixing my mineral foundation with moisturizer and it worked pretty well after I figured out the best amount of each to use for each application. I wonder if anyone here has tried Everyday Minerals? Their prices are amazing ($12.99 for foundation) and they only use 2 – 4 ingredients (and NO Bismuth Oxychloride, which makes my face itch terribly). Their matte base contains mica, titanium dioxide and oxides & their jojoba base contains mica, titanium dioxide, oxides and jojoba. I love that there aren’t tons of ingredients, no bismuth, boron or talc and all of their makeup is cruelty free and vegan.
    I’ve been using Bare Minerals, but am running out and I wanted to find something without bismuth and I read about Everyday Minerals on the Leaping Bunny website because I’m transitioning to all cruelty free products. If anyone else has tried EM, I’d love to hear their opinion(s). I have read really great reviews on makeupalley.com, so I’m sure they’re great. I think I’ll go ahead and place my order and toss out all the Bare Minerals. I know I should have already done so, but I feel bad throwing it away (even though it bothers my face and makes it itchy and warm) because it’s so expensive. Weird, huh?

  29. Thank you so much for this! It is exactly what I was looking for. I too, in my early sixties, now have drier skin and needed liquid foundation, but don’t want to use all those chemical laden ones. This is perfect.

  30. Jen

    I know it’s not the point of this post, but can I just say that I think you look better without the foundation : ) Natural makeup-free beauty!

  31. Dear Julia,
    I’m very into makeup as well but i am so tired of paying 20 dollars for my .5 ounce bottle of foundation, so I’m willing to try this but I was wondering I dont want to pay the $36.00 for that certain lotion so wil any of the lotions listed below be okay?
    e.o.s fragrenced hand lotion
    Nivea moisterizing cream (fragrence free)
    Jergans natural glow daily face moisturizer (fragrence free)
    or Cetaphil moisturizing lotion (fragrence free)

  32. Destiny

    Hi Julia, this seems like a silly question to ask but I jut want to double check. This is basically a tinted foundation moisturizer. This is all you apply, right? You don’t apply your moisturizer then this.
    Also what about an eye cream, do you just use this or something else?

    Thank you, I’m very excited to try the foundation tmrw. I have bare minerals just sitting here because I also feel cakey and dry. I will definitely be trying Jane Iredale next!

  33. Mai

    Thank you for blogging this. My skin is dry and prone to breakouts. So I really have a hard time looking for the right foundation. I will try this with my moisturizer hopefully it’ll do the trick for me 🙂

  34. Carla

    Hi Julia,

    I’ve been taking serious steps to steer away from toxic chemicals in my makeup (it’s so sad because for so long I’ve been a makeup fanatic, but my health at this point in my life is so much more important). I did notice your comment on mineral make-up being “the ONLY kinds of makeup with out these preservatives and pure, high quality minerals have an indefinite shelf life.” I’ve done research (solely online) and have had numerous sources say that mineral makeup can carry dangerous ingredients like Talc, Mineral Oil, Iron Oxide (which can contain lead) and other toxic metals. Here is one website just in case you would like to view or anyone else (http://www.buzzfeed.com/peggy/hair-dyes#.urkWwXLEm) I’m wondering what your thoughts are on these facts. You suggested a mineral foundation (Jane Iredale) .. can you tell me if any of the above ingredients are used in the foundation? It’s SO hard to trust any cosmetic company because at the end of the day they can label whatever and however they want, so it’s so hard to find safe products (or as safe as you can be.) Thank-you!!

  35. cassandra

    Do you think bare minerals with lotion will work ? 🙂

  36. I just stumbled upon this post on pinterest and I am so glad I did! I have some mineral makeup that I just can’t get used to for the same reasons! I can’t wait to try this tomorrow! By the way, I hope you didn’t waste a second on that ridiculous comment from a that reader “Sarah”… It’s a wonderful idea and there is no “wasting” any product with your method; Clearly she just didn’t take the time to read it and was just trying trying to ruin someones day for whatever reason… that poor woman, hopefully she isn’t always that grumpy! 😉 Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  37. courtney

    So do u buy mineral make up and then mix? Jw lol isn’t it spendy?

  38. Joan

    Hi. Found this by looking for how to make my own mineral foundation because I got a Minerals Mate tray (a “application and mixing” tray is what they call it). It seems that you’ve shown too much product here. Or, can you save it for overnight? That’s why I got the Minerals Mate tray, because it comes with lids. If you use a washed spatula to mix it in the tray (and threw it away after you use it) it seems it would be cleaner.

  39. Ella

    i highly recommend arbonne! I’m not sure if you’ve ever heard of it or what you think of it but I use it and love it. When you say mineral makeup is the only safe one I cringe!!! Because mineral powder and products are soooo bad for your skin! Botanically based products make themselves sound like the best but they’re not good for you at all! Arbonne is non botanically base and completely 100% natural! Plus the foundation covers so well and doesn’t leave a sticky or cakey feeling at all! I’d check out the website you can find a distributed anywhere!:)

  40. Em

    1. Can I use baby lotion?
    2. Can I use the mineral powder I already own?
    3.Will the lotion just rub into your skin, making it just mineral powder?

  41. rere

    The only reason I wanted to comment was because I was stunned by Sarah’ rant. I feel bad for her because her rant was unnecessary. You did something good and Sarah attacked you because she’s angry about her life and I’m sure she feels confident that she told you, she let you have it. When people don’t love themselves they cannot pass any kind of good energy or love others. You keep doing what you do and forgive her for her hateful words. I loved your kind response it shows the beauty within you as well as outward.

  42. liz

    Going to try this with a little grapeseed oil, it cleared up my cystic acne so this will be way better than my store bought foundation! Thank you!

  43. Pam

    Hey sounds like a great idea!! I’m sorry ppl like Sarah attack you, just remember they aren’t happy ppl!! Thank you for taking the time to share:)

  44. Shauna

    This is awesome. I too am a makeup junkie. However the older I get I just don’t want to pile on makeup. I will be trying this. Thank you!!!😃

  45. Jill

    Cool beans! Will try this with my Jane Iredale bronzer mineral powder! Thanks for the tip!

  46. Katie

    I love the idea of this. I recently just switched from Nars liquid foundation to Mineral Hygienics, it’s the best with only 4 ingredients I’m a complete advocate!

  47. Hi, I’ve just found your recipe. 🙂 just a quick remart to the first comment under this post. It’s nit the minerals that may spoil the liquid foundation, but the water/aloe juice in the face lotion you use as a basis. Any bacteria/mould need water phase to grow. And because you use no conservants, it is VERY probable that the unwanted guests will develop even soonner than within 3 months…. I’m about to develop something similar to you. Another thing that you may consider is to mix minerals with some oil first and than add it to lotion. If you don’t do it, when you apply foundation on face, you may have uneven effect (darker/whiter smudges). 🙂

  48. cleo

    Yah!!! Mix your “foundation”, daily, like you have time for your bullshits!!!

    Birth giving in public, and wearing 1960’s CLOTHINGS!!!

    That I should listen to you???

    You’re a waste of time!!!

  49. Frances

    Oh dear Cleo. Don’t like it?? Don’t read it. Get over it!! Yawn…Internet trolls.

  50. Kellye

    Hello, Julia! Thank you for this awesome idea! I don’t usually wear foundation anymore… I prefer not to, but on occasion, if I do, I want to make sure that it’s light, airy, and complementary to my skin! It’s also crazy important to me that it not be ladden with harmful chemicals… I suffered damage to my skin after using some harmful products :(… I’ve been miraculously and completely healed since then…seriously, thank God! I learned how important it is to be careful and use natural products and ingredients. I want to try this, but Shea butter makes me break out around my chin area… I have a natural cocunot oil lotion that works for me. Can I use that instead?

  51. Antoinette

    I know this post has been out for a while, but I just found it, and love the idea of making my own foundation. I am curious, though…how many days of mix do you find you get from one pallet of mineral powder? Just trying to gauge cost. Thanks for the post.

  52. Adding 15% vodka to any makeup mineral recipe will do the trick as a preservative. Many people freak out when they see alcohol in any makeup ingredient. But, it prevents bacteria from growing. That or buy some Germal Plus and add .1% to your makeup by ratio will also prevent bacteria. Otherwise, use it quickly. O/Op Lori G Ashley mineral airbrush cosmetics.

  53. I can’t use a lot of moisturizer because I have very oily skin. So I took a small amount of moisturizer and added a few sprays of colloidal silver spray. Now I have a liquid make up that’s light, almost air brushed and antibacterial too!

  54. Kim

    I love the idea of making my own makeup. How neat. However I have found the perfect mineral makeup that is free of toxins, harsh chemicals, is cruelty free, and is gluten free!! I love that due to my super oily skin that the line that I use does not create more an oily mess! I am going to give your mix a go and see what it does as far as controlling the oil. Thank you for sharing this!!

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