December Giveaway! $1000 Amazon Gift Card!! Winner Announced!!!

And the winner is!!!!

Oliva Galloway! 

Email: lumpelstilskin at gmail dot com




I seriously cannot believe it’s already December! Where is this year going??? December means it’s time for ANOTHER giveaway! This month I wanted to GO BIG! It’s my way of saying thank you to you all for supporting me as I continue on this blogging adventure. As some of you may know I recently started a youtube channel and you guys have given me so much support!! I am just so thankful for all of you!! 

With a group of my favorite bloggers I’m giving away a $1000 Amazon Gift Card. The opportunities with this gift card are endless!!! You can buy yourself the life necessities like toilet paper or use it to cover your  holiday expenses!!

The instructions for the giveaway are down below! Happy happy holidays!!! 

How to Enter for Your Chance to Win: 

1.  Click Here  to check out the Amazon GiftCard to see what you could win and leave a comment telling me what you would use it for! (Come back  after reading to finish steps 2 & 3).

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 And a big thank you to all my blogging friends who are making this possible!! After using the rafflecopter head on over and check out their AMAZING blogs. 

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Fancy Nonsense

Stupid Easy Paleo 

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Pioneer Valley Nutritional Therapy

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

A winner will be chosen via We will announce the lucky winner on Friday, December 20, 2013. The winner will have 48 hours to contact ( with his/her full name, address, and phone number. There is no purchase necessary to win. This giveaway is open to everyone! 





  1. I need kitchen stuffs please!

  2. Krisia

    A vitamix or blendtec blender!!

  3. Brenda

    110 entries earned – Thanks for the great give away!

  4. Sarah

    Would love to finish up some Christmas shopping and possibly buy a few new kitchen gadgets!

  5. I have a few friends who are struggling this season, one is even local to you and I who needs not only Christmas for her two beautiful children but a home to stay until she is back on her feet. I would use the gift card to send gifts to my friends in need. Maybe give their kids a little light of hope at the end of the tunnel that shrouds then in darkness during this season.

  6. Amanda M

    A giftcard would be amazing! My brother and his wife are having their first baby in Jan and I’d love to help them with necessary purchases!

  7. I would use it for a Kreg Jig, food for the doggies, (we always buy their food from Amazon) A giant bag of Haribo Gummy bears, ink for printers, silpat baking mats, and more. Oh so much more!

  8. Lynn

    I would get a Vitamix, some books, a new set of knives, some new glass storage containers, and who knows what else!

  9. Angela Young

    I would buy gifts for my family and then buy myself a Kitchenaid mixer! Thanks for the opportunity!

  10. Megan

    If I won I would use the gift card for items that I have a hard time couponing for.

  11. Caryn

    I’d totally buy a Vitamix! I’ve wanted one for ages…

  12. Hmmm, if I won the gift card to, I would order the docking station for my IPOD that I have been eyeballing for months. Not to mention all the cooking for 1 books I have been putting on my wishlist for the last several months. I need a new garage door opener and amazon has the one I want. I would probably spend some on gifts for family as well and maybe some natural beauty products that I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. OH! The sky is the limit here.

  13. Rachel

    More gelatin! MP3s, and a gazillion other things.

  14. dawn

    I would buy christmas presents for my family since as of now i am unable to.

  15. Melissa

    hmmmmm…oh the possibilities. Perhaps something for the kitchen or maybe the nursery.

  16. Vivian Varela

    I would buy a much needed Vitamix and a Kitchen Aid, and then I would proceed to use the rest of the money to help buy my little brother a well deserved laptop that my parents want to give him. Fingers crossed for the greatest christmas presents!!!

  17. Robyn

    I’d buy gifts for my family

  18. Rebecca

    Oh lord…what could I do with $1000 Amazon card. Well, I would have to prioritize my wish list. For starters I would pick up all sorts of knitting books. Some Palero cookbooks. There is a car part I need to order. I would *love* to pick up yarn. Movies would be fun. Maybe a tablet for me. There is a lot of things I would pick up.

  19. Alexandra

    Every book on my wish list (cookbooks, craft books, kids books….)! And then some more! Maybe a few kitchen supplies too. And of course, gifts for friends!

  20. Jacelyn

    I would love to get my Husband something off his wish list as a surprise he is deployed and it would awesome to get him something off his list . Then I would get my kids educational materiel .

  21. Gillian

    I would buy Christmas presents and some books I’ve been wanting for a while.

  22. Meredith

    I would love to buy blue pasture cod liver oil- I’m in Canada and its a bit pricey to get! Also, textbooks for my past semester of school

  23. Matt

    I would buy soap

  24. Sarah

    New pots & pans!

  25. Laura

    Gifts for the extended family!

  26. Jenny

    I would buy my very deserving husband a Christmas gift for the first time in over 5 years! I would also enjoying buying gifts for my three boys instead of always expecting the grandparents to!

  27. Sarah

    A vitamix and camera!! This is awesome!!

  28. Barbara

    I would share some of the money with our decaoness to help purchase 4 water filters for Kenya. Save some for our family and our godson.

  29. Britt

    I would love to buy a juicer

  30. Andrea

    a new video camera to capture memories of my kids growing up 🙂

  31. Hannah

    Wow, what an amazing opportunity!! If I won I would just go NUTS with gifts for my family, since I haven’t been able to get/make them nice things what with student loans and all. Lots of gluten free flour for my dad, a vitamix for my sister so she can make coconut milk and baby food, a nice dehydrator for my mom, and some pans to replace my brother’s teflon stuff he has now. If there was anything left over I’d probably get a veggie spiralizer for me.

  32. Rose

    A good set of snow tires to keep us safe, a paleo pantry makeover (all our staples stocked) to keep us healthy, an electric mixer to give my arm a rest, a ceramic water dispenser to keep hydrated with clean water, a haircut because its been a year, better kitchen knives, an air purifier to breathe clean air, a usb essential oil diffuser for calming aromas wherever we are, a set of bamboo utensils for earth friendliness, a countertop garden/indoor greenhouse set to grow our own food, a gift to give away because its nice to share, and a kitty for me and my son…oh wait, there is something you can’t get on amazon 😉 I think that would use up the gift card…did we dream big enough? <3

  33. Karen

    I would buy a vitamix and some Christmas gifts for my family!

  34. rayraycartucci

    I want to buy a swing set and a coat and maybe some kitchen knives since mine look odd and moldy. HA! Thanks so much!

  35. Karen W

    I can’t remember if I commented so here goes again…I would use the giftcard to get my son the camera he’s been dreaming about. He’s a film student so this would be a dream to be able to give him this.

  36. Raelene

    I would buy cast iron cookware, organic bedding, and Himalayan salt lamps

  37. Christin

    Glass life factory bottles, cloth diapers, foot muff for stroller, a new phone!

  38. rachel t

    i would buy a new digital camera or camcorder for our new baby expected in march!

  39. Tahseen

    I would buy a vitamix coz I need one desperately and other kitchen stuff and teas to help me along my real food journey

  40. Marguerite

    All the things!

  41. Cynthia

    I would use it for a vitamix.

  42. Shannon

    I would buy some new cookbooks and pantry items like hemp seed, apple cider vinegar, tea, etc.

  43. Brittany Bresler

    My husband turns 30 in January and I would love to buy him a few items he’s been eyeing lately! 🙂

  44. Julia

    I’d buy what I need for an organic intensive raised bed garden in the back yard of our new home, including seeds and soil amendments. I’d also buy a case of super dark chocolate bars for friends and family.

  45. Traci

    I would but a wood burning stove to keep my family nice and warm this winter without having to pay the crazy high cost of propane!!!!!

  46. stefanie

    I am due to have a baby on 01/08/2014. I would use this gift card to finish buying everything on my baby registry and to buy more diapers, as needed, once my baby is here.

  47. Alyssa

    Gosh, what fun to think of the possibilities! I think I would let each family member expand their library of beloved books, would add some kitchen gadgetry wish list items in, and spread the love with a friend who could use some extra Christmas support for her kiddos.

  48. Kristy Tillman

    I would by an air purifier for a friend that needs one and one for myself.

  49. An Indoor Rowing Machine! My husband injured his shoulder last year and has not been able to exercise the way he likes – needless to say that he has put on a lot of weight and is quite depressed. He has done a lot to make his shoulder better and is now able to row which is something he can see himself doing on a regular basis. This would be the perfect gift for him and his health. Thank you for this opportunity, I hope ‘my’ name gets drawn 🙂

  50. Justice

    A vitamix sounds good to me.

  51. Lisa

    Congratulations, Olivia!

  52. I’m actually not sure! I think it might work but I can’t vouch for it myself!

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