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My Natural Birth Story

You may have already read Edison’s birth story but I have wanted to share it with you on my youtube channel. Read more…

Meet my Baby!!

Hey you guys!! I’m back at the blogging game again with lots of amazing content headed your way! But First…I wanted to introduce you to the new(ok sort of new) member of our family!!  Read more…

Cloth Diapers: Newborn Edition

We took the plunge! Were are going to cloth diaper our newborn baby! Thanks to all your tips and trick on my facebook page I have all our diapers ready to go! In the video below see what we bought! Thanks for watching!  Julia  Read more…

Couples 1-2-3 Tag

Hey Guys! David and I were tagged to do the Couples 1-2-3 tag on youtube. Read more…

Affordable SIMPLE cloth Diapering

Confused by the cloth diaper craze? Watch this video and see how easy and affordable cloth diapering can be! Leave your questions below!!! Thanks for watching:) And below you will find a list of products I use! 

Read more…

Why You Should Quit Sugar

It’s estimated that 1 trillion dollars of US healthcare spending is linked to excess sugar consumption. Is it time for you to quit sugar???

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Three Foods You Should Never Eat – Episode 3

Check out this video post! 
Read more…

My Favorite Things in October – Episode 2

In episode two I’m sharing my favorites things in the month of October. Read more…

Three Secrets to Natural Childbirth – Episode 1

Welcome to my first video blog episode! I share three secrets when considering a natural childbirth.

Don’t forget to share your experiences with a natural birth in the comments below. What would you add to my list?


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