Can Clothes Change Your Life? My Closet Makeover.

MShopping and fashion. We love it. We hate it. It can be a battlefield. 

Ok…maybe that’s a bit dramatic.

 Here’s the truth. I’ve always loved shopping but when I shop I’m overwhelmed. Does yellow look good on me? Should I just buy all black? Stripes? Fitted? Or should I just say “to heck with it all” and stay in my yoga pants all day. A very tempting “mom move”. 

Can you relate??? 

I’ve questioned my personal style since I can remember. I have dabbled in lots of different looks. From preppy to Boho and everywhere in between…I’ve tried it. Thanks to my Mom’s influence I recently Kon Mari’d my closet. And let me tell you…lots of expensive clothes were not giving me joy. BUT WHY? 


A few weeks ago my world was totally rocked when I took the FREE Energy Profiling Course. What I thought would just be a fun personality test turned into intense self discovery. 

Within the framework of energy profiling there are 4 Types of Beauty. 

  • Type 1-The bright and animated woman 
  • Type 2-The soft and subtle woman 
  • Type 3 -The rich and dynamic woman 
  • Type 4- The bold and striking woman 

 The free course is so helpful because it’s NOT A PERSONALITY TEST. Carol Tuttle uses facial features, your body language and even your natural movements to help you figure out your type of beauty. As I continued into the course I began to realize that I’m a Type 3 woman trying to behave like a Type 1 woman. And I’ve been doing this my entire life. So before I even get into to changing my style, I have started on this journey of realizing who I am. I have spent so much time being ashamed of my Type 3 qualities…trying to cover them up. 

But I’m not ashamed of my true nature anymore.

I am  fierce, I feel passionately, I’m active and when I want to get something done…I’m extremely efficient. I’ve spent a lot of my life being afraid of myself because as a Type 3 women, we are often slapped with labels like “pushy”, “intense”, “bossy” or even “controlling”. Words that have a very negative meaning in my life. And trying so hard to contain my true nature has backfired. I worked so hard to be the “fun” person that I had to bottle up my passion and intensity. We all know you can’t keep emotions bottled up forever.DYT 300x250 non-gif banner copy

Because I understand my dominant energy I have an inner peace in my life where I once had a head full of tired and hungry toddlers. It’s helped me understand my family, my relationships with others and ultimately myself. And the real fun has come in with the fashion. Dressing my outside to demonstrate and reflect my inside.

As a mom I find I feel so much better about myself when I’m dressed for the day, hair done, and make-up is good to go as this is the ultimate in self care. But Dressing Your Truth has added another dimension…It’s getting up in the morning and getting  dressed to be YOU. 

Not some nut you saw on a magazine cover that has missed her last 8 meals, but you. 

Now let’s talk a little bit about why Dressing Your Truth® is such an important addition to knowing your Type of Beauty. Carol teaches us that as women we naturally want to beautify. Businesses have capitalized on this “need” and combined with consumerism HAVE erected a multi-billion dollar fashion industry that demands we buy more. Buy new. Consume. Every Spring there are new colors and cuts that are in style but what if we stopped doing that and said “those aren’t my colors or shapes.” What if looking amazing isn’t in the newest trend? It’s in dressing your energy type

When I discovered Dressing Your Truth I think my husband thought I had gone nuts because I was so enthralled with it. I had more fun watching the free course than I did watching the season finale of Downtown Abby and that’s saying a lot. But it has truly opened up my eyes to who I was created to be. 

I highly encourage you to take the time for the free course. Come back here and tell me your Type of Beauty and let’s take this journey together! 




  1. Amy Aubrey

    So happy you’re posting again! 💕

  2. Karina Walsh

    This is awesome Julia, I’m going to look into this, thanks for sharing! P.s you’re adorable!!! <3

  3. DYT was life changing for me! So glad you found it and are embracing the real you. It is empowering and so freeing, isn’t it?

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