Hi I’m Julia, AKA COCO.

Some children, whom I dearly love, gave me the nickname and it’s stuck. I’m a mom, wife, messy cook and writer. 

I’ve always loved cooking and now our family is on a journey of trying to only eat REAL food. What does this mean??

  • We don’t eat food out of packages with more than a couple ingredients.
  • We eat traditional foods like butter, cod liver oil and raw milk
  • We buy local meat, dairy and produce as much as possible 
  • You’ll get to experience the joys of discovering this new way of cooking with me! 

I love writing about childbirth and parenting. Why?

  • I’m a mom of one(so far!) and I had an incredible home birth! Read my birth story here
  • The birth experience was life changing for me (in a good way) and my hope is to empower other women to have the birth they desire.
  • I write about parenting because who knew it was such a TOUGH job? 
  • I write about the way we choose to parent, not to prove we are better, but to be a safe place for people who go against current parenting norms. 

I’m not the crunchiest mom in the world. Let me explain

  • I like wearing makeup and doing my hair 
  • I’ll be working on lots of DIY beauty products because I don’t like the ingredients in the conventional stuff. 

I switch off between writing blog posts and making video blog posts! Down below you can watch a little “hello!” video from me! 

And LASTLY let me introduce my little family! 

Julia(me!) or you can call me COCO

Henri or you can call him Coco Nib (since he’s the littlest Coco)

David or you can call him Coco-Nut. He’s handsome, smart and funny!

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I also make video blogs…


See all my Videos RIGHT HERE


  1. Firstly – what a beautiful family šŸ™‚
    Secondly – my family and I are also on a journey to having a more natural, healthier life tartly with more awareness of what we are putting into and onto our bodies. It’s a very interesting world out there šŸ™‚

  2. Tracy

    Isn’t Henri getting too old to be carried in a sling?

    • Well in the photo he’s a little over a year and a half. I’m not sure I understand the question? Many children like to be warn in a sling until they are 3.

    • JeniferR

      With all due respect he is not to old. šŸ™‚ This little guy will only be more independent because he is so close to mama. I doubt this comment would have been made had mama been carrying Henri in her arms! Most of us mothers knows what it means to carry a tired, sleepy, or needing to be cuddled three year old in our arms. A sling just makes it easier on us and gives them that one on one time they need so much. This mama rocks!

      Beautiful family, beautiful picture. Believe me when I say the years fly by. One day he won’t need to be held so enjoy every single second right now. Eat it up.

  3. Michelle

    Hi. I love your babywearing picture! I am the mom of a 30lbs almost 2 year old that I carry everywhere. I couldn’t leave the house without one or 12 of my slings and carriers. He loves to be worn, and it allows me to go places and do things that strollers don’t allow. It also allows for him to nap and to see the world while being close to me and out of danger.

  4. The wonderful thing about babywearing and especially with wraps and ringslings is that they really will fit from birth until you are done wearing your little. Which age/size you are finished at is up to the wearer, wearee and the needs of their family. I’m a babywearing educator/consultant and as long as the carrier fits ergonomically and is adjusted correctly, both caregiver and child can be extremely comfortable. Babywearing isn’t for everyone, but its also not just for little babies. I know many people who have worn kiddos up to age 4 or older and 50+ lbs. Granted maybe not for as long a period as you would wear a smaller kiddo, but what meets everyone’s needs will vary. The only person who can decide your wearing journey is coming to an end is the wearer, sometimes in conjunction with the wearee. As always with babywearing, I advice caregivers to trust their instincts and with knowledge, do what works for your family. Happy babywearing!

  5. Layla

    I wear my almost 2 year old. Some days ours all I have to comfort her with. She’s a bit of a mommy’s girl and if I didn’t start wearing her or continue, I would get nothing done. Kids grow up so fast wear him as long as you can.

  6. Jen

    What a beautiful family and blog šŸ™‚ That is awesome that you are still babywearing – I hope we go at least that long!

  7. Brea

    I’m so glad my friend stumbled upon your blog and shared it with me. You are an inspiration. I’m looking forward to following your blog as I endure my first pregnancy. Cheers!

  8. Great video and your blog looks pretty great too. I’ve only just stumbled onto it but it looks so perfect for me and my families needs. We are starting a journey of not eating processed foods and creating less waste in our lives.

    I personally love the fact that you’re baby wearing still. My youngest one just turned a year old and due to a back injury from a car accident years ago I can no longer wear him. It makes me pretty sad sometimes but we still get lots of time to snuggle and I carry him as much as I can (which is still a lot).

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