6 Secrets to Naturally Healthy Hair


I’m kind of a girly girl. There is usually a big assumption in the natural community that to be a crunchy mama you must never wear makeup, never style your hair, never ever shave your legs and….well you get the idea. I’m passionate about healthy living but I don’t think it needs to turn me into something that I’m not. Anyone relate? I love makeup(my fav natural makeup brand) and pretty hair…that part of me will never change despite how crunchy I have become.

We all want shiny luscious locks and almost EVERY product on the shelf promises to give “perfect” hair. Right? These products that offer such promise also come with great hazard. There are no rules governing beauty product safety and these products can be highly toxic- read more here. So, if you’re a girly girl like me, what are the secrets to keeping your hair looking healthy and shiny without the junk!?

1. Don’t Over Wash it:

Try to cut down hair washing to two or three times a week. Over-washing your hair can cause serious damage. Now those of you with oily hair are probably squirming at this idea but the less you wash, the less oil builds up. I used to wash my hair daily and it NEEDED to be washed all the time because of the oiliness. But since weaning myself off of those daily washes, my hair and wallet, are so much healthier for it. I’ve recently started using old school 80’s scrunchies when I sleep so my hair stays tangle free all night. Also sleeping with a silk pillowcase can be a great way to maintain your hairstyle overnight.

2. Use a PH Balanced Shampoo:

Did you know that the PH of your shampoo and conditioner really matter?? If your haircare routine is too acidic your hair follicles will stay open and your hair will be dry and brittle. If your products are PH balanced your hair follicles will close properly which will result in healthy shiny hair.Now this is a little controversial in the natural community but I still use shampoo and conditioner! I know I know….the “no poo” solution is what it’s all about right? I just can’t commit to it and I’ve read a lot of differing perspectives on it. Some people say it has worked a miracle on their hair and other say it’s been nothing but a greasy, disgusting mess. If you are interested in no-pooing you can check it out here. “No-poo” or not, the most important thing you can do for your hair is use a PH balanced shampoo and conditioner. You can either make your own or buy this

3. Use Heat Appliances Sparingly:

I have naturally wavy/curly hair so the easiest way for me to style it is to gently touch up my waves with a curling iron. Because I am only washing my hair a couple times a week, I’m also only curling my hair a couple times a week. Heat styling can be very damaging to your hair. I also skip the blow dryer, even in the winter. That being said, if you simply cannot go without your bouncy blow dry, it is worth investing in a high-quality hair dryer that will do less damage to your hair. One of my friends recently found a new hair dryer after reading some of the best reviews here. Whenever you purchase any heat appliances, it is always wise to do your research to make sure you are making the right decision for your haircare needs. As for me, it is worth it to let my hair air dry to keep my hair healthy and strong. If you struggle with tangles you can use this DIY hair detangler. Before you use ANY HEAT make sure you treat your hair with a protectant. Argan oil works beautifully to protect and strengthen while adding extra shine to your hair. You can buy quality hair oil here .

4: Rinse your hair with cold water:

I’ve been using this trick for years and it changes the texture and shine of your hair dramatically. After rinsing out your conditioner and RIGHT before you get out of the shower, turn the water as cold as you can. Flip your hair into the water and rinse from root to tip. It’s a little chilly but worth it. The cool water seals the shafts of you hair the same way cold water closes your pores.

5. Deep Condition Your hair:

Whether you heat style your hair or live in a cool climate, your hair can get dry and brittle. Using an all natural hair mask weekly or monthly will work wonders in keeping your hair strong and shiny. Here are a couple of awesome DIY hair mask treatments!

If you aren’t into mixing up a hair mask you can always purchase one like this.

6. Your Diet MATTERS:

Your hair reflects what you eat. A lot of people think taking a supplement is the answer to shiny hair, but in reality your DIET is more important. Plenty of Iron, Vitamin D, Zinc, Vitamin E, Vitamin A and B complex vitamins are necessary to keep your hair healthy in addition to the well known Omega 3 fatty acids. Beyond getting these nutrients through diet, a daily dose of cod liver oil can vastly improve your hair because it is rich in Omega 3’s as well as fat soluble Vitamin A and D. Beyond shiny hair, cod liver oil is beneficial for health in general. You can read more about the health benefits here.

Buy quality fermented cod liver oil here.

Did I miss anything? Do you have any secrets to keep your hair healthy and shiny naturally??

6 secrets to naturally healthy and shiny hair www.cocosewell.com



  1. Rachel

    I’ve mostly QUIT shampooing. In the last 6 months, I have used baking soda to wash, then vinegar to rinse. There have been about 3-4 times, that I have used something that lathers, mostly Dr. Bronner’s soap. Only when I have either gooped it up with gel or got caught at pool without prep.

    Hair is healthier, shinier than ever. Needs LESS washing.

  2. Abi

    Yes! These are amazing tips..but I strictly follow the lunar hair chart off of http://www.morrocomethod.com he has amazing holistic hair care tips and videos and how to keep the ends healthy. He also has raw vegan shampoos and conditioners. Check out the site!

  3. stacy

    I started water only method right at Thanksgiving. Ther was an adjustment period but not too bad since I only shampooed 3x weekly. Now my naturally wavy hair is frizz free and I am loving it!

    • Jennifer

      Stacy – what kind of water do you have? I’ve tried water only a couple times, but I have hard water which seems to make my hair unhappy. Would be interested to know how it compares where you are.

      • Cecilia

        Jennifer, a vinegar rinse would help with hard water residue

      • Becca Perrel

        I just on on this blog but I have lived in areas with hard water and i always use a Sprite filter. You can get it from Home Depot for about $15 and attach it to any shower head. Change the filter after about 4 months instead of 6 like they suggest. You will see the before and after and be shocked!!

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