26 Week Pregnancy Update

It’s time for a little pregnancy update! I’m 26 weeks and feeling good, tired and HOT. 

Symptoms- Well folks I hate to get TMI with you right off the bat but I’ll just get it over with. The diarrhea hasn’t gone away. Thankfully I’m still gaining weight and the baby appears to be growing right on track. Under the advice of my midwife we are seeking out some extra support. I went to see an OBGYN and she referred me to a GI specialist. My midwife also recommended a visit to a naturopath and I have an appointment with her in 2 weeks. I will hopefully have some answers soon because the constant stomach problems hasn’t been fun.

Exercise: Exercise went out the window during the first trimester but now I’m back at it! I attributed a lot of my fast labor with Henri to staying fit during pregnancy. This time around I want to make sure to keep my body fit and ready for labor so i’ve been walking daily. My goal is to get 10000 steps per day (about 5 miles) and I’ve been hitting my goal for the most part. I’ve been using this to track my progress and LOVE IT. I usually walk Henri to the park every day and I make sure to go the long way to get some extra steps in- and then once we get there I walk circles around the playground while he plays. Yep-I’m that crazy pregnant lady! And then in the evenings while David puts Henri to bed I take a fast walk around our neighborhood. I’ve really been enjoying the 30 minutes I get to myself! 

Weight Gain: So I found my chart from Henri’s pregnancy and my weight has been EXACTLY the same as with him. My body must know what I need to gain during pregnancy. At 26 weeks I’ve gained 12 pounds. Even though I’m the same exact weight as last pregnancy I’m feeling A LOT bigger. Maybe that means a bigger baby?? 

Movement: I found out at my 20 week ultrasound that I have an anterior placenta. It’s not a big deal at all except I can’t feel my little mans movements as strong as last time. It’s a little sad because it’s my favorite part of pregnancy. I feel him moving all day but everything is a lot softer. With all that being said I’ve been enjoying bonding with this little man knowing that he’s a boy. When I see two brothers playing together at the park I’m filled with joy at the thought of our little men growing up together. I can’t wait to meet our son and see what he’s like. David and I talk to him before we go to sleep and then we wonder what he’ll look like and what kind of personality he’s going to have-it’s so much fun. 

Cravings: Grapes, watermelon and hamburgers. 

PREGGO BLOGGERS UNITE: About 10 of my blogger friends are pregnant right now! How fun is that!?!? We have a little FB group where we chat about ALL THINGS PREGNANCY. It’s so nice to have a community of knowledgeable women to bounce ideas of off and chat. 

Cloth Diaper News: We didn’t cloth diaper Henri until he as a couple months old but this time we are taking the plunge with newborn cloth diapers! I bought used diapers on an online swap and they are so small and sweet! I’ll hopefully be making a few posts about my newborn cloth diaper stash! 

Well thank you for listening to me ramble!! Now I want to hear from you all!! Are you pregnant? How many weeks are you? How are you feeling?? 

 And Finally the BUMP SHOT!! 

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  1. Nicole

    It was great to read your post! Praying for you & your growing family. Hope you find answers soon. You are beautiful!!! Sending lots of prayers & blessings your way 🙂


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