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The 1 Secret to your Child’s Educational Success

If you haven’t already heard we have a baby coming September 2014!

 You can watch our baby announcement video here. WE are thrilled to be having a September baby because from February to April we have a jam packed schedule of birthdays along with our Anniversary. It will be nice to celebrate our little one in a quieter time of life. Read more…

February Giveaway -winner chosen!!!

And the winner is……Tasha T.

with the email tashaspen at gmail dot com. Please email cocoswell at gmail dot com to claim your prize!! 

This month I wanted to GO BIG! It’s the 4th month of hosting these giveaways and it’s one of my favorite parts of blogging. Informing the winner and sending them an AMAZING prize is SO. MUCH. FUN! 

Read more…

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