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20 Week Pregnancy Update-cravings, weight gain and bump pictures!

Hi all!!! My hope this pregnancy was to keep you all updated through weekly video “bump dates” on my youtube channel but things didn’t quite go as planned. The first trimester of this pregnancy slowed me down BIG TIME. I felt nauseas and tired for the first 16 weeks and spent my time napping instead of blogging. I felt somewhat feeling guilty about my slack off but the bottom line is that my sweet baby and my health need to come first. So instead I thought I would give you all a written update of the last 20 weeks of my pregnancy!! Cravings, weight gain, symptoms….i’ll rehash every last awesome detail.  Read more…


Vitamix and New Greens Giveaway

Disclaimer: I was paid to write this post and have an affiliate partnership with this sponsor. However, I only write posts about products I truly believe in.

I’m so excited about this month’s giveaway. I got my vitamix for Christmas this year and I use it at least once a day. It’s definitely my favorite kitchen appliance.  Read more…

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What you NEED to know about Essential Oils During Pregnancy

My interest in essential oils coincided perfectly with my pregnancy and I immediately started reading that NOT ALL essential oils are safe for pregnant women. I also heard the message that essential oils could be VERY beneficial for pregnancy and childbirth. In short, I WAS CONFUSED. And I’m assuming I might not be the only one. I ordered a book that was recommended by a friend called Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern(buy it here) as well as doing a some research in an essential oils desk reference. I’ve put together a guide for myself and all my other pregnant mama’s who want to use essential oils during pregnancy and I hope it’s helpful for you!  Read more…

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10 Uses For Lemon Oil-And A GIVEAWAY

I’ve recently started my journey of learning about the power of essential oils and it’s been enlightening and exciting! The first real experience I had with essential oils was when Coco-nib had his first ear infection. Our pediatrician gave us a bottle of a mixture of garlic oil,  lavender oil and olive oil to cure his infection. Within a week the infection was GONE without using an ANTIBIOTIC. I was thrilled and amazed. Read more…

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What Pregnancy Cravings Really Mean

All I could think about was TACO BELL….

Now as someone who believes in “real food” taco bells went against everything I stood for but….I WAS PREGNANT. Now I am pregnant for the second time and I have craved lots of carrots and anything crunchy. I’ll admit, before my first pregnancy I thought that pregnancy cravings must be some kind of over exaggeration. Boy, was I wrong. As a pregnant lady I find myself thinking about food all the time and I have both cravings and aversions . So the questions is….

Read more…

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Citrus Body Scrub

I had the pleasure of writing a guest post for one of my favorite bloggers-Heather over  at the Mommypotamus. This pregnancy I’ve had super dry skin and decided to make my own body scrub. It turned out so well I had to share…. Read more…

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Citrus Body Butter

There is a certain store in the mall that is known for their fabulous smelling body butters and I’ve always adored them-mostly because they smell good enough to eat. I also liked that they used fair trade products and seemed “natural”. Looking more throughly into the safety of cosmetics, I decided to look at the ingredients list of my beloved body butter. Read more…

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March Giveaway

Theresa E. you are the winner of the March Giveaway!!!! Please email cocoswell @ gmail dot com to claim your prize!!!! 



Ah! I’m so happy it is finally March!! I feel spring right around the corner! And of course you guys know by now that ANOTHER month means ANOTHER giveaway!!!  Read more…

7 Things You Should NEVER Say to a Mother www.cocoswell.com

7 Things to NEVER Say to A Mother

A couple weeks ago my husband was out of town. After a long day with my toddler (who was getting over a cold) I decided to take him to Whole Food’s for dinner. As I stood in line I noticed a man starring at me and the checker asked him if he needed anything. He said, “no, I’m just waiting to ask this lady a question.”  Read more…


The 1 Secret to your Child’s Educational Success

If you haven’t already heard we have a baby coming September 2014!

 You can watch our baby announcement video here. WE are thrilled to be having a September baby because from February to April we have a jam packed schedule of birthdays along with our Anniversary. It will be nice to celebrate our little one in a quieter time of life. Read more…

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