My Dressing Your Truth Makeover

I going to be real… I used to be obsessed with makeover shows( or maybe I still do). There is just something so fun about how a few little new clothes, hair and makeup can completely transform a person from the outside in. But I never thought I needed a makeover. Turns out I was wrong! Read more…

Dressing Your Truth changed my life

Can Clothes Change Your Life? My Closet Makeover.

MShopping and fashion. We love it. We hate it. It can be a battlefield. 

Ok…maybe that’s a bit dramatic.

 Here’s the truth. I’ve always loved shopping but when I shop I’m overwhelmed. Does yellow look good on me? Should I just buy all black? Stripes? Fitted? Or should I just say “to heck with it all” and stay in my yoga pants all day. A very tempting “mom move”. 

Can you relate???  Read more…

Stitch Fix Review May 2016

Stitch Fix Review- May 2016

You guys know by now… I can’t stop talking about Dressing Your Truth. I started out by taking Carol Tuttle’s Free Energy Profiling system to determine my Type of Beauty. Once you learn your Type of Beauty you can purchase a course that helps you dress accordingly. It’s been eye opening for me. You can read more about my experience here.  Read more…

confessions of an ex blogger

Confessions of an EX blogger

*I wrote this on New Years Eve and never hit publish because I ran to help a crying baby. Isn’t that just life sometimes. 

I’m sitting here in my slippers next to a blazing fire and listening to the Republican debate replay on Youtube while writing this post. And honestly…I can’t think of a better way to ring in the New Year. The past year I’ve been standing on the sidelines a little bit. Between a baby that doesn’t like to sleep, a busy toddler and some major health issues it hasn’t been the easiest year. If you follow me on instagram you know that I was diagnosed with Celiac’s disease in early November. It was a welcome diagnosis since I had been having extreme gastrointestinal issues that coincided with my second pregnancy. My journey to healing is just beginning and as always hope to share it with you here. So my title may have been a bit misleading..I mean I haven’t blogged in months. I’m not quitting my blog BUT I had a couple little thoughts I wanted to share with you.  Read more…

June 2015 Stitch fix

June 2015 Stitch Fix

I’ve been using Stitch fix for the past 10 months and it’s been quite a journey. I’ve received some amazing fixes with pieces that I love and I received some stuff that isn’t my style at all. But the bottom line…it’s been SO FUN. I get so excited to receive my fix and this month was no different. So let’s see what my stylist sent me!! And don’t forget to let me know what you think about my fix in the comments below Read more…

Babywearing basics

Babywearing Basics: How to use an ergo tula or other soft structured carried

Welcome to my baby wearing tutorial videos!! Please ask all of your baby wearing questions down below and head on over to youtube to subscribe to my channel! 

Read more…

my birth story

My Natural Birth Story

You may have already read Edison’s birth story but I have wanted to share it with you on my youtube channel. Read more…

meet my baby

Meet my Baby!!

Hey you guys!! I’m back at the blogging game again with lots of amazing content headed your way! But First…I wanted to introduce you to the new(ok sort of new) member of our family!!  Read more…

win a detox

Superwoman Slim Down GIVEAWAY

Three months postpartum and I’ve got to a admit, I’m just not feeling my best. Mood swings, sugar cravings and headaches are really holding me back and I am ready for a CHANGE. So starting in January I’m going to be participating in a REAL FOOD detox with my friend Kirsten from MIX | wellness solutions for a balanced life.

  Read more…


Stitch Fix Review

A few months ago I heard about Stitch Fix from another blogger and I was completely intrigued. But a few months ago I was also VERY pregnant and couldn’t order a box ( they don’t do maternity…at least not yet). I was so excited to try it that before I even gave birth I scheduled my first stitch fix box so that it would arrive a couple weeks after I gave birth. I figured I would want some non-maternity clothes to wear while my regular clothes still felt too tight.  Read more…

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